Spoiler: Triple H Announces New WWE NXT Authority Figure at Tonight's TV Tapings

Discussion in 'NXT' started by CM Punk, Sep 13, 2013.

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  2. This is weird considering that NXT is kept as a separate universe in general. Not often if at all that main roster storylines branch over or vice versa.
  3. I’m thinking it may lead up for an NXT star to rise up against Corporation 2.0 on NXT and ultimately debut on the main roster to help Bryan. If I were to guess that person I’d say it would be Ohno, I’d say Graves but I’m definitely gonna rule him out as I suspect he’ll be debuting at Night Of Champions to help Heyman out.
  4. So it would need to be a face character to help Bryan I assume?

  5. Indeed it would.

  6. Hey.. Guess it really *does* help to suck up to the Boss's....
  7. Dusty for JBL how is that gonna work? JBL is always off travelling the world to raise money for different charities so all of that will clash with the NXT tapings very stupid booking
  8. ....He's on Smackdown every week... :dafuq:
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  10. Great to see them covering their collective asses as it pertains to storylines, even the little details like this. Normally this would be glossed over.
  11. why does JBL seem to leer and smirk like he's getting a bj under the announcer's table?
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  13. I'm actually looking for a new pic to replace it; asking for info on how to delete the current one and replace it with a new one.

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    I reckon Zayn could battle the corporation next since JBL ruled out Zayn's title win over Bo Dallas since Bo's foot was under the rope. Dammit JBL!
  16. :awyeah: Awesome to hear JBL will be there.
  17. I was actually awaiting for them to start showing that clip from "Battle of the Bulge," where Robert Shaw and the Nazi Tank Commanders sing The Panzer Song. and Triple H, Step, and Vince give the 'straight arm salute,' and shout "It's *Best* for Business!"
  18. The real winner of The Battle Of The Bulge is Big E Langston.

  19. I'd hope for a healed up Ritchie Steamboat.
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