Spoiler: What next for the top dog?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. What will Rock do next after losing to Cena at Wrestlemania?
  2. RE: Spoiler: What next to the top dog?

    Go away and film some movies before feuding with Brock hopefully.
  3. Spoiler: What next to the top dog?

    Extreme Rules in a gimmick match. :mad2:
  4. Spoiler: What next to the top dog?

    Does anyone really care at this point? Sorry to be bitter, but honestly...
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  5. RE: Spoiler: What next to the top dog?

    The Rock vs. Dwayne Johnson Extreme Rules.
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  6. we won't hear from the rock for sometime imo i don't think he will be at ER

    and what is the deal with Sheamus being the face of ER
  7. I heard he was at ER but who knows. Brock is apparently going to face Taker next year, though I doubt it as that seems like Cena's task.
  8. NO AT E.Rules he using his rematch clase!
  9. no

    Rock vs Cena (again)
  10. Hopefully Henry after ER. At least he could make it entertaining while he jobs
  11. Hopefully porn. :gusta:
  12. I bet he'll be on RAW tomorrow to put Cena over further and tease a rematch. I don't expect it to happen as soon as ER though. Considering how predictable WWE has been, I'd say part 3 happens and SS.
  13. A Rock/Cena rematch is probably likely at Extreme Rules...although I'd rather not be tortured to have to endure that again. A different matchup (perhaps against Lesnar or something) would be far more interesting than another Cena match.
  14. Cena/Rock rematch, then Rock runs off and makes movies, never to return until gimmick shows like Raw 2000 or some crap.
  15. He might go MIA for a bit since Fast and Furious 6 will be out this summer so he'l have premires and stuff like that.
  16. Rock will either:

    Move on from WWE again make casual appearances if he has the time..

    Be on RAW tonight to push Cena on as the Champion in some sort of passing of the torch type of thing, from one generation to another.

    Or be on RAW, and hopefully turn Cena heel.

    Which is more likely
  17. He'll either job to Cena again at ER or leave for a long time, wish he'd come back and work a program with a younger star after that.
  18. Hoping for Brock vs Rock tbh..

    Remach clause? :meh: Please not again
  19. Rock vs Brock will be at Mania 30, along with Cena/Taker. book it.
  20. Personally I hope he finishes his contract and leaves forever. Last nite proved to me that the old timers need to stop coming back there was too many of them and the last two matches were awful.
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