(spoiler) Who the hell is this ref?

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  1. I see a big storyline coming with this crazy ref that low-blowed ryback
  2. Brad Maddox. He was the guy involved in the cena vs punk match where Punk had his foot on the rope as well.
  3. ^That. He was a rookie in NXT as well.
  4. Brad Maddox. He was a tag-team with Ziggler's brother Briley Pierce in FCW.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brad_Maddox

    Lol so pretty much he isnt a 'real referee'?
  6. Nooooo! He's a wrestler who couldn't make it in-ring, I guess and got used for this angle.

    Looking at the matches I saw from him, he's kinda boring in-ring.
  7. Well probally from WWE Logic he'll get sent into ring action by board of directors for pulling what he did at Hell in a Cell, then they might work him off from there.
  8. Around April this year he got asked if he wanted to be called up to the main roster as a referee. He accepted
  9. So... he screws Punk over then... but now he's on Punk's side?
  10. Making up to the BITW..:otunga:
  11. @[Rain] Most likely forced or paid by Heyman.
  12. Millions of dollars Millions of dollars Millions of dollars Millions of dollars
  13. Really curious to see where things go from here.
  14. Same. First time for ages it's unpredictable.
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