*Spoiler* Winner of SmackDown EC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Saylor, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Jack Swagger wins, surprising. What's your opinions?
  2. Called it as soon as Mark was eliminated. Makes sense considering his racist gimmick (lol) and ADR being Mexican.
  3. The match(es) will be good and Zeb + Ricardo will be even better, so I'm all for it.
  4. When Mark got eliminated, I was rooting for Swagger, but I thought Randy had it.
    Marked when he won though.
  5. And we're supposed to be impressed? :pity2:
  6. Yes. Go away, mark.
  7. This will be good. Swagger fits in well in the spot as an upper midcarder challenging for the main event. And with his gimmick which will give him heat it will benefit both him and :adr:
  8. *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    Anyone else shocked that...
    Show Spoiler
    Jack Swagger won the EC!? I didn't think it was going to be Mark Henry. People expected him too much. I thought Jericho because Orton already feuded with ADR, Kane and D-bry are going to start fighting each other, and Jack Swagger... HA!... Egg on my face.

    My husband said he was going to win from the get go. He said the fact that Jericho doesn't need the push knocked him out right away. D-bry and Kane are both started their own feud. Orton and ADR already feuded. He said it was going to be Swagger or Mark Henry and since Mark Henry was the expected winner, Jack Swagger was going to win... He was right. haha
  9. *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    Lucky guess probably. Jack swagger aka failed Kurt angle experiment will never get over. Way to awkward and can't cut a promo for his life. Bigass walking sociopath..but yea I was a bit shocked.
  10. *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    Yes, I was very shocked, consdering i felt certain Henry would win.
  11. *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    when swagger came out with a new theme song and got promo i have feeling he would win somehow. But I was really hoping he was not going to do it! it too ealry for swagger to back in a world title i gruss we are going to have another opening world title match at WM again! FUCK WWE! that should done figger and Y2J! Figger got to use contract at some point and why make him wait unti lthe night or the night after WM!? THAT FUCKIN DONE! let him go in at WM29 as the WOrld Champion. So the World Title can look strong! NOW THE WORLD TITLE MATCH IS GOING LOOK WREAK!
  12. RE: *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    Give him a chance guys. He's great in the ring, as long as they let Dutch speak for him, it'll turn out fine.
  13. RE: *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    I kinda like his Zeb Colter alliance. All in all, I'm glad Swaggie won. He's the only one that couldn't get a title shot without this win.
  14. *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    Exactly... It's gonna be the racist American vs the dirty Mexican for the world title...

    JBL is gonna cry gimmick infringement!
  15. *SPOILER* Anyone else shocked?

    I felt swagger had a chance as this current gimmick goes well with ADR being mexican and just the whole swagger angle in general . Henry and swagger were the only two contenders in my book before the match with Henry the main fav. Lets face it Bryan will work a program with kane, Jericho will feud with Ziggler, Henry maybe booker and Orton is the forgotten man theses days.
  16. Yeah, the gimmick fits perfectly for the both of them. It's safe to say Mark Henry vs Randy Orton? Hmmmm.
  17. Merged both threads. Please look around to make sure there isn't already a thread on the same subject you are about to post.
  18. Well, I just got a bit pissed when Henry lost, but yeah, Swagger would be my 2nd favorite pick, thinking back. Zeb will do the mic stuff and his interactions with RR will be great as well, so alright.
  19. So, last time we saw him he was jobbing to Tyson Kidd, now he's the #1 Contender? Sorry, not buying it. Just like his first push.

    Swagger's a good talent, maybe he can go all Christopher Daniels and get enough heat to make the fans ignore his lack of credibility, surely the feud will be great (similar to the actual Angle vs Eddie), but it'll take a miracle to get me to buy in to Jack Swagger as a legit contender.
  20. I'm feeling that he is different from before, I used to hate him so much that he was my second least favorite superstar, but now I like him alot.

    He is great in the ring and his new theme is awesome, wonder who will go over at WM though.
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