*Spoiler* Wrestler completes face turn on Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. What are your thoughts on this? Personally,I'm happy with Big E turning face. He was pretty darn good as a face down in NXT so I can't wait to see what they do with him.
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  2. :yay: Great! Hope he becomes more of a legitimately-funny-yet-badass mid-carder, and having him debut the five-count gimmick on Axel to win the IC Title? Guess that sounds like a nice way to debut the dude.
  3. FINALLY! Langston doing something important!
  4. Langston for new IC Champion and starting his Five Gimmick please.
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  5. Happy that he has something to do now.
  6. When I saw the thread title, I thought it was gonna be Sandow since there are rumors of him making a baby face turn and he was already more or less portraying one on Smackdown last week. I don't mind Langston as a face either, but do virtually all of their 'big guys' have to be faces? Ryback is a heel, but Show, Khali, Henry and now Langston are all faces, and even Brock Lesnar (part timer or not) is in talks of being turned face next year. I'd have preferred if Henry at least had remained heel (which doesn't exactly set me in a minority.)
  7. Sounds like it went well. I'd like to see him take the IC title off Axel at HIAC.

    Any reason why E & AJ split? Or are we just meant to forget that ever happened like a lot of stories recently.
  8. The latter. I don't remember there being an official reason why they ever split apart. AJ just started appearing on her own and Langston wasn't even featured on several Raws and Smackdowns and we were supposed to just accept that they were no longer a pair. Kind of like how there was never a formal reason why HHH and Chyna split (which was a much bigger deal) back in the day, they too just stopped appearing with each other on-screen. Would have liked to have seen AJ slap Big E and then get dropped with The Big Ending but male-on-female violence isn't allowed in the current climate today.
  9. Yes! Awesome to hear, I'm big on Big E.
  10. Hell yeah. Langston is money on NXT. Hopefully being a face will get him a push. I'd even root for him do be that African American face of the company in the future that I have seen rumors about on here.

    I know they worked together on the Kaitlyn storyline shortly, but to me Big E was always Ziggler's right hand guy and when Ziggler left their little group I was surprised Big E even stuck with AJ. So it doesn't surprise or bother me really.
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  11. Very happy to hear about this. Been waiting for an E face turn.
  12. YES!! I Want him to take on Ryback in a steel cage.... yes? no?
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  13. I bet that would be entertaining
  14. Sick. Big E is hilarious and I feel he'll show that side of him now that he's face.
  15. FIVE
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  16. Langston is uber athletic, I enjoyed him as a heel, and he was unintentionally funny at times. I think his personality might lean more toward a face guy, so i'm interested in seeing it.
  17. Nice, now get the dude on more shows.
  18. He should do his NXT stuff now, just being a monster who keeps people down for five (can we have refs actually count five this time though? Would be a nice touch) and the crowd still enjoys it.
  19. That was a well done face turn. Time for Big E to go five count on Axel.
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