*SPOILER* Wyatt to replace Undertaker?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dat Kid, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. I have a little theory after watching Raw last night.
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    Bray coming out with the lights out, his eerie vignettes, targeting Undertaker's "brother". It seems like WWE is building him up to be the next big monster.
    Does anyone here think it's plausible for Bray Wyatt to replace The Undertaker in a similar sort of monster role. His character seemed very horror based and if WWE wanted to have another monster like Taker when he left, Bray imo would be the best bet. I could see Bray vs Taker at Wrestlemania already, it's a stretch for a newly debuted superstar, but I can definitely see it happening.
  2. I'd like that. And by the way guys, did you know that Bray Wyatt used to be called Husky Harris? I feel so smart, I'm really fucking proud of myself. Seriously though, maybe Wyatt could be the new "Undefeated at Wresgtlemania" superstar?
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  3. I see more similarities between him and Kane than with Undertaker, which is fitting consider Kane is his first 'victim.' Undertaker started out as a literal zombie and is more of a supernatural enigma than a human monster like Kane is (though Undertaker has become more humanized over the years.) Kane's entrance even began with the lights going off in his early days.

    I've already considered Bray Wyatt as a possible opponent for Taker at Wrestlemania if all goes well for him... assuming Undertaker doesn't retire next year, of course (which I'm hoping he does.) Wyatt seems like he'd be an interesting rival for Taker.
  4. I think no one will replace Taker but I can see him playing a similar role
  5. Dude just because you put SPOILER in before the sentence doesnt make it any less obvious what you're posting about.

    And no, i dont.
  6. Nice sig
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  7. The sentence was a hypothesis that had nothing set in stone and if you didn't know the Wyatt's were debuting this week after it was announced last week then that sounds like a personal problem.
  8. I think Wyatt could be the next monster role for the WWE, taking the spot Kane and Undertaker will leave. If he continues to be booked like a strong monster up to, and past Royal Rumble time, then I can see him being Undertaker's next opponent at Wrestlemania. Wouldn't really mind it, I think Bray's character is a interesting type of monster role and unique.
  9. the wyatt family is the new undertaker and kane
  10. Really don't see this happening. He isn't anywhere on Taker's level, and his popularity is going to die fast, which is sad, because I actually like him. Right now, yeah, he's one of the WWE's big things....but it is just the beginning. Fandango had the same moment, everyone was praising him and singing his theme....and then no one gave two shits about him.

    Ride the Wyatt wave now, because it's gonna be just another fad.
  11. Those are two completely different gimmicks though. No way would Fandango be able to be a main event superstar, or at least have that main event feel with the gimmick he has currently. Bray, on the other hand, has more of a possibility. Plus, he is much better at his promos, and his gimmick doesn't need a simple song to get over, it was his promo work that made it happen so far.
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  12. Not in my opinion, but I do love Wyatt as a potential streak-ender.
  13. What exactly do they have in common? The lights go out when they come out?

    'Taker is a supernatural phenom, whilst Bray is a psychopathic cult leader. They genuinely have nothing in common, at all.

    Streak ending wise, I think he should do it if not given the chance to. I had the idea of Wyatt converting Kane into a mindless puppet and back into his prior psychopathic monster-like state. Could work well with a potential steak match between Wyatt/'Taker.
  14. Their gimmicks are not the same, but they both are horror based. If anyone were take Taker's spot as this dark character it would be Bray Wyatt imo.
  15. If only the boogeyman was not in his 40's he would have been great to be that next dark guy. His gimmick was great! I wish he had face taker WM I remember SD vs. Raw 2009 I thing was the were that did that storyline I could be wrong though? I was a well done storyline I wish that could have done that for real. as for this Wyatt he no Taker and his gimmick is just not a dark evenough gimmck. unlike the boogeyman. AS HE THE BOOGEYMAN AND HE COMING TO GET U!
  16. Wasn't there some dude with like a vampire gimmick that was supposed to feud with Taker? I forgot his name. WHat happen to him? :hmm:
  17. Kevin Thorn? Who knows

  18. LMAO, he was such a joke. He works the indy circuit now, probably still making a fool of himself.
  19. I don't see it imo.

  20. Yea a guy in red face paint who claims to be the boogyman is so much darker than an evil Charles Manson esque/Cape Fear psychopathic cult leader. Wyatt's character is basically a big puppy.
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