**SPOILERS** 09/13/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. WTF was that dance segment?
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  3. Edge ending the show and D-Bry making Orton tap out? Hell yeah. And, What in the world was that dance segment?
  4. Santino Marella going over Mr. Money In The Bank in 2 minutes is a fucking joke, let's hope they don't air it.
  5. They always tend to do that with MITB winners.

  6. I think you mean WHC money in the bank winners right?
  7. Auu, not a bad show. Edge coming out again and unfortunately for both Edge and Christian, Christian won't be able to tear apart the shield. The shield are stronger than ever. Wouldn't it be awesome seeing Christian, Daniel Bryan and Big Show vs The Shield on Monday Night Raw after Night Of Champions PPV the next day?
  8. Not the show I wanted to see. Nevermind, may watch it on Saturday or whenever it's available online
  9. Not a bad show. Too bad the crappy ass dance segment and Santino going over Damien ruined it.
  10. Da goat special guest (open)

    FUCK YES :fap:
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  11. Sounds like a great show I shall watch it tomrrow when it airs in Oz.

    Santino Marella over Sandow :okay:
  12. I'll watch for Marchie Archie.
  13. What the hell?

    "Get back out there and do it right!"
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