SPOILERS. Feel free to cuss about this PPV here.

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  1. Why did you guys hate this shit?
  2. I didn't. It had good, unpredictable matches across the card, and it ended two reigns. Rybacks match streak and Sheamus's world championship.

    I actually liked the Show/Sheamus match in the end, and noone saw that ending coming for the Ryback/Punk match.

    I actually liked it quite a lot.
  3. I respect your opinion and can see how you would have enjoyed the show/sheamus match.
  4. I thought the running KO punch was cool as was the table spot but the rest was meh. The HIAC was hideous however, no flow what so ever IMO although the Shellshock on the cell was a pretty cool touch it should have ended on Raw before the PPV not the PPV itself.
  5. It's funny because it was a borefest at the start (show/sheamus). For me to route for Show is an extremely strange occurrence, check my sig :dawg:

    I'm just glad that Sheamus isn't champ and Punk still is, guess that's why I have a more positive outlook on it.
  6. Did you get the feel that Ryback is no where near ready to headline a PPV?
  7. I do indeed, I've said a few times already that he really has no flow or filler to his matches he's too A ----> B. Shame really as his other work in matches around 7 - 10 minutes impressed me.
  8. I also hate Sheamus and am happy punk is champion. I guess apart of me was hoping that since ryback and punk had been wrestling at events that some kind of chemistry would of been formed. It was ugly from start to finish but to each their own.
  9. The HIAC told a great story imo. No matter how much Punk cheapshotted, Ryback was unstoppable.

    Obviously this isn't good in the long run, but I enjoyed the match heaps.
  10. I actually find it strange how I'm the only one that liked that match on here. Ryback is definitely not ready yes, but the match did still have a great story. Oh well.
  11. Yeah I see that to an extent also the fire extinguisher spot was solid from both men and showed Ryback has some weakness whilst remaining Punk as cunning but it just felt like it was spot to spot with Ryback, there was no in between for me.
  12. This was a pretty lame thread to start because i'm just mad in general. Hopefully it gets deleted because not only was it knee jerk but also showcases how dumb I sound when I get mad. Sorry everyone. Hope you enjoyed it:-)
  13. It's not a lame thread lol, there was a lot to cuss about in this PPV it was really poor IMO.
  14. It was a moderately good PPV overall. Not something I'd pay $40-50 for, but that's where illegal streams come in handy.

    Big Show winning but Ziggler not cashing in was disappointing but I'm glad Sheamus is no longer champion. I just hope he doesn't win the belt back next month or something. In my opinion, they will build up Big Show as a monster champion until Wrestlemania and then Ryback will go on to win the Rumble and then be the one to finally knock off Big Show as WHC. I hoped for a Brock appearance, but knew we weren't going to get one. As long as Punk retained, I was happy, and the way they did it was good enough. Ryback lost but it was a roll up and a quick count rather than just being flat out destroyed by someone (Show, Brock, etc.) and so protected him well.

    Overall, there really wasn't a match that wasn't at least slightly entertaining. (I didn't pay attention to the women's match so can't speak on that.) Orton-Del Rio was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. The other matches were good in their own way. I'm pretty satisfied with what all the outcomes ended up being.
  15. I understand where you are coming from. Especially because it was the same referee involved in the previous matches with punk and cena.
  16. I'm just mad I bought it just because I was afraid a stream would cut out.
  17. Nah, I'm sure you're not the only one. The whole IWC is about to explode :dawg:

    I've gotta admit though, I did stream it and didn't spend money for it. I'd be slightly pissed if I did.
  18. Ok here are my thoughts, I didnt watch the PPV due to not having Sky tv here in the UK so i got updates via text from my cousin.
    I was fucking raging when Sheamus lost the match against Big Show, I am a fan of Sheamus and supported him all the way during his 6 months reign.
    Big Show has had his chance and well in my opinion, its time for Big Show to retire and wave goodbye to the WWE.
    As for the ending between CM Punk and Ryback, well it was a fucking waste of time.
    And no MITB cash in??? that the biggest surprise of all

  19. That's what I didn't understand. Why have him flash on the TV and have the commentators mention him cashing in tonight if he isn't going to? Did they cut it at the last second?
  20. I'd be pissed as well, isn't it around $50?
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