Spoilers for 5/07/2013

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Wrestlinginc
  2. Looks like a decent show with Heyman & Punk are the center of it.
  3. Not much to see here, as usual. A good match with two guys I care about, a decent match (maybe) with only one guy I care about, and maybe two decent promos.
  4. Christian Vs. Randy Orton... ahh the memories.
  5. Christian losing to Orton... It's something new. Really, I'm impressed.
  6. I'll give it a watch and skip the uninteresting parts. I.E the Alicia Fox match.
  7. This'll be awful but here goes

    Show Spoiler
    Ohh boy, there can be some gold here:

    "Hey, Punk! I'm the Wold Hevyweight Champpi-on, what are you doing on Smackdown"
    "I'm under contract, so I'm free to come and go as I please!"
    "No! No! You're a Raw superstar?"
    "Oh, so the Brand Extension is still a thing? Did you miss that part of the meeting?"

    Lmfao, make it racist for twice the fun.

    "Hey Punk, I know you won the title from him and then held it for 400 and something days, but I don't know if you can take Del Rio tonight". Hahahahahahahahahahaha, If Paul Heyman can say that with a straight face he deserves an Emmy... actually, he should be second behind Devon talking about the dominance of the Aces and Eights with a straight face a week after being run off 8-on-1 by Sting. Get on Devon's level.

    Someone tell the rest of the jobbers to get some facepaint too! All you need is to paint your face and even JTG can win some matches! (Offer not available to Yoshi Tatsu)


    WOOHOO! :facepalm1: <-----only posting for the Homer visual

    This segment has been brought to you by Redtube. Redtube. Like the WWE Divas Division, except with sex.

    Oh, memories of awful feuds... but top-quality wrestling! This oughta be good.

    Heyman... On commentary... For the Punk match... Oh baby:tyson:

    I'm here to show the world.. that I'm a babyface. Bitches. I'll take my superbooking with a side of "Hey, IWC, watch me tag with Cena this week on Raw :yay:"


    :win: I'm kinda down with that! Maybe they can pick up RVD and then have Zeb bitch about all the drugs crossing the border.

    Assume that GTS was a house-show thing... or was it? Either way should be an awesome match, although making ADR look kinda weak like that just seems ridiculous. This guy can't buy good booking as champion, still. Oh well, doesn't look like a bad show outside of the pointless stuff designated by pointless gifs
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  8. :youdontsay:
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