Spoilers for 6/28/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Looks like a decent/good show.
  2. Great details, this looks awesome.

    -Opener should be a good match and sounds quite humorous, but it's' a Sheamus match. More on that later.
    -The only thing I could think of during MizTV is how much Senhor must be loving this feud. This is made just for him.
    -Nattie going over AJ? :robbie: Dirty or not, holy crap I marked just reading that. THANK YOU! :yes:
    -All heels in one MITB and all faces in the other? Cool! Love how they're actually saying "these guys are up and comers" though, calling it like it is. Nice dose of realism there. Really curious about the crowd reaction to that match as plenty of guys will wind up being cheered. Maybe they're seeing who they can turn face, Fandango and Cody seem likely.
    -Don't know if I should complain about "ho hum, more of the same from Hell No and Orton", or just try to enjoy it. Probably the 2nd. Bryan doing the chants sounds humorous though.
    -Cryback, lol, nice.
    -Obligatory joke about Crayo's battery dying and 1-800-Fella
    -Really, the Shield losing in six-man-tag action again? I don't know how to feel about that. On one hand it's stupid to have these three great talents jobbing to a career midcarder and a jobber tag team, but with as much as I bitch about predictable matches/superbooking we need an upset like this every now and then. Shame it's coming at the expense of the Shield who haven't been hurt by the overbooking when Sheamus is right there. Still, the Usos needed the win much more than Christian did.
  3. Ziggler finally main events a smackdown. Also it's odd that Sheamus seems to always be in or around the biggest pops despite doing nothing since he dropped the strap to show.
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  4. That first match can be good. I actually like Sheamus' matches if he isn't dominating too much. Fandango & Swagger returning? So good, go Barrett. Shield lost? Actually that's a good move. They had added some hype & belief on Usos. In other case they were just too weak for The Shield. Ziggler & Guitar... Reminds me Jeff Jarrett! And Ricardo, cost Alberto the match at MITB! Book it!
  5. Looks diabolical. Shield beat BoD + Bryan in a six-man tag not so long ago, and now they lose a meaningless match against Christian + The Uso's. Ambrose isn't even going to feud with Christian it seems since Christian is in the RAW MITB match, and Ambrose is in the SmackDown one. They really took another loss to sell The Uso's as a threat? A tag-team that is not over and will probably be off RAW after MITB. This feud is completely filler, so why waste another loss? Come on. WWE are slowly dropping the bomb with Shield.

    Don't care about Sheamus at all so have no interest in his shitty match. Looks like they could be turning Bryan from "weak link" - which was working so wonderfully - to cocky asshole. No need at all. Del Rio bores me tot ears but the ME doesn't sound that bad.
  6. Looks good
  7. Above average show, by the looks of it. The Usos and Christian beating The Shield furthers the proof that The Shield angle is on a decline. Perhaps it's just me, but I feel that The Shield are doing less important stuff by the week.
    The SD MITB looks really good. All heels, which is kinda weird, but I'm fine with that. It's also pretty cool to see Sandow in his second MITB in a row. My pick would have to go to Barrett though.
  8. I said it at the time, putting the titles on The Shield was a very bad decision. Now, things like this are happening to keep them fresh but damaging the group in the process. Either split the group up completely so they can be singles competitors or have them only fight as a trio. Mixing between the two ideas doesn't work.
  9. I guess it was an upset loss? Still, dat unpredictability and if they keep losing, a break up is coming soon aka summer storyline. :robbie:
  10. gay
  11. Gabriel :yay:

    He may lose but I like him.

    AJ losing :sad:
  12. marrk
  13. It's furthering a storyline started last week on Main Event/Smackdown. It's setting up for Christian/Ambrose down the road and Shield/Usos at MITB I guess

  14. I'm afraid the way they're probably going with it is that after defeating The Shield and after defeating The Viper (a guy who's had Hardcore and HIAC and I Quit matches with the best of 'em like Cena, Taker, HHH, Foley, etc.) in his own style of match, he becomes too confident and too assured that he can defeat pretty much anyone, especially after winning the MITB match as well, with all the kind of participants he's up against in that match. And, of course, John Cena gets to be the one to humble him a little and he falls back to earth. It wouldn't mean he's gonna go back to being near-maniacal in his pursuit of proving he was never the weak link of Team Hell No (or a weakling in general) but it would make him understand that while he is capable of defeating just about anyone on any given night, he knows he's not infallible and he shouldn't get too cocky just yet. And afterwards, they can build to a world title victory for later on.

    I would much rather they had him defeat Cena at Summerslam and then lose it back in a rematch at Survivor Series, though. That small title reign accomplishes so much IMO. But I've never been completely convinced that Bryan winning the title at SS was set in stone anyway.
  15. A set up with Bryan getting cocky, then getting humbled before finally getting his big win could actually be a good story to see and follow. Good call.
  16. LOL Fake Pops
  17. Del Rio mudblood learn some spanish.
  18. Marketed towards children, high pitched screaming
  19. Biggest Heat:

    - Del Rio

  20. Biggest Pops: Sheamus
    SMD H8RS
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