Spoilers for april 11 Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 9, 2014.

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  2. The Shield doing "Yes"

    wow. wow

    wow. Fuck you daniel bryan.

    and still no Ziggler? Fuck this company.
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  3. lol @ The Shield chanting Yes. What a way to turn down their bad ass factor by a few notches.
  4. or eliminate it all together.

    what awful booking.
  5. Another dreadful SmackDown with some poor booking. Shocker.

    Shield doing a yes chant? How pathetic.
  6. Would be like SCSA suddenly crotch chopping with DX when they turned face : /
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  7. If your want to watch Ziggler in all his glory (and by that I mean jobbing to scrubs in 4 minutes) Main Event's the show for you! :yay:

    Show looks intriguing. Summer Rae's finally free.

    Think it says up there the Shield's Yes chants are after the show aired. Thought they had Cena vs Wyatt too from what I read.
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  8. Layla now with Fandango? Makes sense...I guess
  9. The Shield doing yes!?
    Oh my fucking... THEY'RE BADASS! :facepalm:
  10. I have a feeling the Shield yes chants won't make it onto TV... good choice by WWE replacing Summer Rae with Layla... Layla is 10x hotter!
  11. Terrible main event match up. IMO 6-Man Tag matches should be exclusive to Wyatts and Shield who just make them epic
  12. Gotta say Hogan is sticking around tv longer than I thought, how long before he becomes TNA Hogan
  13. I hadn't noticed Layla replaced Summer yet. Huh. Must be because of Total Divas tapings?
  14. I marked out at the Paige clip just watching that shows she is gonna be the best ever diva to step into WWE
  15. No Ziggler = :blackshock:
    There is Ziggler =:letroll:
  16. That plus I think now that Paige is on the main roster she might be feuding with her once the AJ/Paige feud is over... they feuded in NxT a while I believe.
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