Spoilers for Friday's SD

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Brad., Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. http://www.pwmania.com/spoilers-wwe-smackdown-taping-results-march-7-2014#ixzz2v5vup0ei

    Maybe Orton v Batista won't be the worst match at WrestleMania after all because it looks like Big Show v Kane might happen. Seriously, Big Show leaching off Bryan's popularity doesn't work as we saw a few months ago. How the fuck does he keep getting big storylines, only interrupted by injuries?
  2. Lololololololol Big Show! Really!? Cheezum Rice!
    God awful team name too. Oh well the show looks somewhat entertaining so I'll peep it fa sho
  3. so cringeworthy: SmackDown ends with Bryan leading a “Yes!” chant while sitting on Show’s shoulders.

    And they are really going through with this ADR/Ziggler shit again huh? Well at least DZ seems like he should win this feud.
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  4. Hey man, at least it's something right? Considering with how shit has been for him lately.
  5. Its maybe the start of something, but I refuse to believe it until I see it. ADR is known to be on the way out, so a winning effort against him is practically completely meaningless these days.
  6. The DZ/ADR feud really didn't go as far as it could the first time because of the concussions... hopefully this time DZ can stay healthy and the feud can we worked through completely. I liked it last time.. they work well together.
  7. Both guys had momentum back then. Now they both feel like jobbers lol. It doesn't have nearly the same feel as the last feud. It feels two notches below Christian and Sheamus, which I thought was bottom of the barrel.
  8. Could still make for some great matches though.
  9. 7 minute Mania pre show matches won't be MOTYC
  10. More entertaining than Darren Young vs Titus O'Neill
  11. So is my Grandma taking her wig off at thanksgiving dinner.
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  12. How fucking awful.
  13. Am I allowed to hate DB yet?? I would kill myself if Dolph Ziggler ever found himself of Big Show's shoulders screaming Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
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  14. No. Hate those booking him. DB is the man.
  15. The boring ass man.
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  16. His ass is actually really entertaining and bouncy.
  17. undersized and bland like the rest of him :silva:
  18. True true, atleast DZ gets a feud hehe :emoji_slight_frown: I wish Sandow had one.. WAAHHH!:cry:
    Mannn to think both of those guys might/will be gone within less than a year after being as big as they were not too long ago is weird.

    ^ Agree w/ all of this statement.
  19. Lol that video commentary by the guy..
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