Spoilers for RAW 12/24/12

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Might watch it for :adr:
  2. Wait what is this? Raw isn't live next monday? Lame
  3. It's Christmas Eve. :vince:
  4. BAH HUMBUG!:idontcare:
  5. :tough:
    What happened to your tag title?
  6. Show and Sheamus again eh? Yay! :idontcare:
  7. Other people have it, so it basically has no uniqueness to me.
  8. so ADR is still heel....I had a feeling it wouldn't work, I was just trying to be positive.
  9. No way, Stone Cold was face and gave santa the stunner back in the day. It's cool to mess with santa because he's not real
  10. Just watched Smackdown live and now reading RAW spoilers......weird today :shock:
  11. good point.
  12. Updated the spoilers. Holy shit, TLC match on RAW Jan 7th. #Pumped
  13. Doesn't sound too bad on paper.
  14. This looks disgusting.

    January 7th TLC match will be cool though.
  15. Will watch Bryan-Sandow and Kane-Rhodes. :boss:
  16. Lol that looks horrific.
  17. Wait isn't ADR face now, why is he wrestling Cena?
  18. #wwelogic :true:
  19. They decided that it didn't have the desired effect so they are ignoring it....Or Del Rio is a bad ass face like Austin
  20. Re: RE: Spoilers for RAW 12/24/12

    I'd be down for the second one also him running over Santa sounds hilarious imo.
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