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  1. Putting them within spoilers.

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  2. Oh my lord, they better push the Rhodes and Sandow team.
  3. * The Miz comes out for another MizTV segment. His guest is Sheamus but they’re interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. They end up fighting and Sheamus cleans house.

    another worthwhile week for DZ I see
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  4. -Goddamn, Del Rio is always getting his ass kicked lol.
    He might as well retire right now, his WWE career is going to go absolutely nowhere.

    -Sandow/Rhodes team has a lot of potential, hope they don't fuck it up. Also, really like how the tag division is shaping up - PtP, HellNO, Cara/Mysterio, Usos, Sandow/Rhodes

    -Natalya and Phoenix in a match? KEWL

    -They are booking Ryback way too fucking strong, at this point, they might as well just give him both world titles and have him squash Lesnar
  5. Pretty good Smackdown it looks like :obama:
  6. And SmackDown goes back to the usual shit.

  7. Da Fuq is this shit?
    No Kane or Bryan?
  8. There will be Kane and Bryan segments you retards. You dont have to film those types of segments at the live show. Why would you?
  9. Dolph's, Dolph's, Dolph's... You silly naive boy.
  10. Someone needs to look up the definition of naive before trying to use the word in a post.

    I guaran damn tee that there will be Bryan segments. I'll leave the board forever if there isn't
  11. That was an unrelated comment.
    Just wanted to get it out.

    All I expect are recaps.
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    * Big Show opens SmackDown and he’s not happy. He wants the World Heavyweight Title. Randy Orton comes out and hypes their match tonight. Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio are out next. Del Rio says he’s the one who should get the next title shot. Orton ended up hitting a RKO on Del Rio and facing off with Show.

    Haha, get buried Del Rio! Hashtag push Ricardo. But still, why does Smackdown always cram the opening segment with crap mic workers? Hope Big Show wins

    * Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella with the United States Title on the line.

    I don't care, because I don't care about Cesaro. He's an awesome talent but he may have the worst character on WWE TV right now, what a fucking joke.

    * Beth Phoenix beat Natalya.

    Why are they giving away the Knockouts Title Match from Bound For Glory 2013 away on free TV?

    * Eve Torres comes out and announces that Beth Phoenix is suspended while the Kaitlyn attack from Night of Champions is investigated. Booker T comes out and reverses the suspension. Eve blames everything on Teddy Long and storms off.

    Nobody cares, because nobody cares about Kaitlyn

    * Wade Barrett beat Zack Ryder.

    Worst return I've seen in a while, I'm incredibly underwhelmed by Barrett. He actually seems less credible due to this return... and wtf are they doing with Ryder? He jobs all year, gets a US Title shot, then goes back to jobbing...

    * The Miz comes out for another MizTV segment. His guest is Sheamus but they’re interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. They end up fighting and Sheamus cleans house.

    Cue Dat Kid's picture of SuperSheamus flying through the air. If they wonder why Sheamus isn't drawing, it's because of bullshit like this. There's no reason to watch his matches or his segments... and it seems like WWE is making damn sure Dolph fails as champion as well. Retarded beyond belief

    * Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow defeated The Usos.

    Push these guys to the moon. Match should be good, but will it be longer than 3 minutes?

    * Ryback squashed Tensai.

    Insert gif of Samoa Joe walking away from the BME here

    * Big Show defeated Randy Orton in the main event. Show vs. Sheamus is announced for Hell In a Cell.

  13. You're dead to me.
  14. __________


    *cough *cough
  15. It's not Kaitlyn's fault. It'll take a lot more than this to make the fans care about any Diva wrestler.