Spoiler **SPOILERS** Friday Night Smackdown Results - July 19th 2013

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    Looks good to me.

  2. I don't know to be happy or mad that Vickie's the new GM.....just a "meh" feeling to me.
  3. Big E makes me lol. GM crap makes me snore. DZ not being in the WHC scene makes me rage to the core.
    Face Henry makes me want to throw coal, Big Show makes my eyes sore, and Daniel Bryan's overness will be tales of folklore.

    In other news, the only thing that sucks more than my rhyming is Smackdown. Shouldn't be unentertaining but just looking at the consequence of what happens... meh.
  4. It is sad, it seemed like Smackdown was on a roll for the past couple of weeks.
  5. Hmmm RAW's been pretty strange without Big Show around (Not that it's a bad thing). So I guess that could be interesting. I really hope Big E and AJ don't become a couple because Big E plays a perfect role as a guardian.
  6. Gotta love the WHC jobbing. Why not just put the fucking belt on Ziggler at MITB if they want to job out ADR? Fuck head retard motherfuckers
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  7. Usually when MizTV is a main segment for Smackdown you shouldn't tune in with high expectations. Also,I agree with D'Z,it's downright retarted to job out their world champion like that.
  8. They had a tough decision. "Hmm, we can't have the WHC AND the MITB winner job... Dammit! Flip a coin... Oh, Orton wins? Well that'll help us validate how the WWE title >>>>>>>>>>> the WHC"

    also +1 for ranting

    Who's ADR feuding with?

  9. I'm still holding out for Ziggler somehow.
  10. Lol. What looks "good" to you? And lolZiggler.
  11. Not yay! :((

  12. :happy:

  13. :annoyed-85::tough1::neymar2::henry::sad1::nogusta::ricardo::park::upset::angry::sad::bully::cry::finger:

    My facial expressions.


    You just made me cry
  14. Looks like a good show. Could we see a new relationship (Big E and AJ) start this Friday? I wouldn't like to see that tbh.
  15. Bryan came out to a "massive pop".... Everyone ejaculated when his music hit?
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    A little note on the kind of injury Orton supposedly suffered. Exact same one that forced Edge into retirement.
    Granted Edge already had existing neck issues and a surgically reconstructed neck. And Orton has shoulder issues since ages ago. But still.

    It could also just be a stinger. Time will tell.
  17. You reminded me of Edge, now I'm worrying on Orton than on my exam today haha
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