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    Dark Match:
    - Knuckles Madsen vs Mojo Rawley
    Mojo won with a running splash.

    Episode 1 airing June 5, 2013:
    - JR facilitated a contract signing for the next episode's Big E Langston vs Bo Dallas NXT Championship match.
    Bo whined about all the things Langston has achieved in WWE, due to being NXT champion. He claimed that he needs to win next week in order to get the same opportunities. Langston made fun of how all Dallas does is smile and said he will crush all of Dallas's dreams. Dallas signed the contract then blew off a handshake.
    - Corey Graves was interviewed in the back about his feud with the Wyatt family. Graves spoke about them and the fact that he doesn't necessarily like his partner. He said that he doesn't need Ohno's help tonight and will make sure the Wyatt Family stay down.
    Round 1 of the NXT Women's Championship Tournament
    - Tamina Snuka vs Paige
    Paige put the knees up to counter the Superfly Splash and got the win off of a roll up.
    - Mason Ryan vs Colin Cassady
    Ryan won with a Torture Rack Neckbreaker.
    - Alex Riley vs "The Ascension" Conor O'Brian
    O'Brian won with an octopus hold.
    After the match, Rick Victor joined O'Brian on stage and they posed together.
    NXT Tag Team Championship Match
    - NXT Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family w/ Bray Wyatt vs Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves
    The Wyatt Family won when Harper hit a Spinning Clothesline on Ohno after Wyatt interfered, elbowing Ohno in the back of the head.
    Before the match Wyatt cut a promo about how he isn't afraid of anything and is the eater of worlds.

    Episode 2 airing June 12, 2013:
    - Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro
    Cesaro won with the Neutralizer.
    - Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan w/ Sylvester LeFort vs Travis Tyler and Baron Corbin
    Dawson and Dylan won when they hit their double team finisher on Corbin.
    Round 1 of the NXT Women's Championship Tournament
    - Bailey vs Alicia Fox
    Fox won with an Axe Kick.
    NXT Championship Match
    - NXT Champion Big E Langston vs Bo Dallas
    Dallas won the championship with a belly to belly suplex. This came after countering the Big Ending by ramming Langston's head into an exposed turnbuckle, twice.
    Following the match, Dallas was interviewed on stage and cut a babyface celebration promo, despite being booed vocally by the crowd.

    Episode 3 airing June 19, 2013:
    - Adrian Neville vs Bray Wyatt
    Neville won by DQ when Harper shoved him off the ropes as he attempted the Corkscrew SSP.
    Ohno and Graves saved him from a 3 on 1 beat down, so Dusty Rhodes came out to pull a Teddy Long. He made a six man tag match for the main event, playa.
    - Sami Zayn vs Angelo Dawkins
    Zayn won with a tornado DDT out of the corner.
    Round 1 of the NXT Women's Championship Tournament
    - Sasha Banks vs Summer Rae
    Rae won with Melina's old Sunset Split finisher.
    - They played an Xaiver Woods pretaped promo with him cracking a few jokes about his previous appearances and the multiple times he beat El Local.
    - Jake Carter vs Xaiver Woods
    Woods won with a combination of his "It's Morphin' Time!" Clothesline and Gail Kim's Eat Defeat.
    Before the match Woods got an addition of a spotlight to his entrance while he danced in the ring.
    - Adrian Neville, Corey Graves and Kassius Ohno vs The Wyatt Family
    Wyatt pinned Neville when Harper pulled him out of the ring as Neville was attempting the Corkscrew SSP. Wyatt rushed back in to pin him.

    Episode 4 airing June 26, 2013:
    - Big E Langston vs Aiden English
    Langston destroyed English and beat him with the Big Ending. Typical post match antics afterward.
    - Leo Kruger vs Dante Dash
    Kruger quickly won with his submission hold.
    - Bo Dallas vs Mickie Keegan
    Dallas via Belly to Belly Suplex.
    After the match, Kruger attacked Keegan and had an awkward stand off with Dallas.

    Round 1 of the NXT Women's Championship Tournament
    - Emma vs Aksana
    Emma via Muta Lock
    Tag Team Championship Number One Contendership match
    - Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves vs Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan w/ Sylvester LeFort
    Graves won the match for his team by making Dylan submit to the 13th Step.
    Afterwards, the Wyatt Family attacked Ohno and Graves. Neville ran out to help but he was jumped by Dylan and Dawson. The five of them worked over everyone until William Regal made the save. However, Regal couldn't overcome their numbers either and was beaten down to end the episode.

    Post-Taping Segment:
    - Ryback cut a promo initially putting over NXT. He got the crowd to chant Feed Me More, then said how easy it was to manipulate everyone. He talked about how he should be WWE Champion right now and will be after Payback. He then repeated half of his promo from Raw. Afterward, he put out an open challenge to anyone in the back. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady came out to answer the challenge. They played off the crowd for a long time while making fun of Ryback. Ryback responded saying "You're mom and dad, who are clearly brother and sister, must clearly be proud of you two." Ryback laid Cassady out, leading Amore to try and fast talk his way out of a beating. It failed.

    Source PWinsider. Seems like another set of solid tapings. They are using more undercard talent which is good since they'll need to restock once the main players leave for the main roster. Seems like everything is solid/good on each episode with at least something really good. Also gott love Ryback for cutting an incest promo (You heard me right).
  2. No, No, No. How the hell can they put the title on FUCKING BO DALLAS! ANYONE BUT BO! Why not Ohno? Why not Wyatt? Why not Graves? WHY BO!
  3. I agree with you there, why did they put the title on him?? Unless they see potential in him that we dont see. Its left me very confused by their choice unless they think that he could be ready for another main roster push but who knows??
  4. Because they are turning Dallas into a heel. Dusty is smart enough to understand that the fans are booing Bo out of the building for a reason so he is working off of it. Dallas is a heel who either doesn't understand what he is or cares. He still cuts the babyface schtick but with too much ego.Just like Kurt Angle did during his eventual run as a bad guy. This will then with time evolve into a more full fledged heel character.

    It's a bit of a master stroke.
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  5. Seems interesting, lets hope it works out
  6. Even if he is a heel he shouldnt have the title.
  7. And why should an up until now unmotivated Ohno have it? Up until the Regal feud Ohno was just phoning it in. Say what you want about Dallas but he wants to be a wrestler in the WWE. The kid came back from a split kidney (an in most cases deadly injury).

    Besides, Ohno, Neville and Graves are at war with Wyatt and the family so they have their work cut out for them. And Sami Zayn just got there, besides how popular and talented he is he shouldn't get the title from the start. He needs to earn it by working.
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  8. That is a really good idea. I was getting confused with him being a bit too egotistical but still a babyface. If what you're saying comes true, I might have to pay attention to Bo more.
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