*SPOILERS* Main Event taping results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by GrammarNazi82, Feb 20, 2013.

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  2. ...what?

    So, the Big Show run through 5 people then runs from the Miz...

    Then some moron backstage decides to give Justin Gabriel a mic... GABRIEL WINS ON TV! :yay:

    What happened to this show being relevant?
  3. It still is. It's the typical post-ppv booking. When the writers are burned out.
  4. Technically it was only 4 people. So see, now it makes sense.

    I like Gabriel. :okay:

    Also, I figure Stop is right, as far as it being subpar material.

    But the most important thing..... How has no one mentioned the "Bricky era"? They should get Lego to endorse that shit.
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  5. If I was getting paid as much as they do for doing a fairly simple job I certainly wouldn't be getting burned out. Ridiculous.
  6. You expect working under Vince McMahon, booking five weekly shows + house shows a week as well as one monthly PPV as being simple? During Wrestlemania season...
  7. Good point on Vince, but yeah I'd expect between 16 of them or whatever it is that they would be able to. They need to start preparing a month or so beforehand, instead of leaving themselves with rushed booking like this. Yeah it has its downsides, for example Taker not fully deciding if he's returning, but things can easily be amended.
  8. When will Big Show retire? :please:
  9. Not soon enough. :neymar2:
  10. That's what I thought :okay:
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