[Spoilers of first half of Series 5] Breaking Bad... OH MY GOD

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Jonathan, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. How fucking epic was the ending of the last episode... it leaves so many questions with absolutely no answers.

    Vince Gilligan and the writers deserve massive kudos, such a great story throughout the 4 1/2 series' so far. I can't wait for the second half of series 5 in the spring. Kills me that they've split it up.

    Now watched every single episode and it just gets better and better. Anyone who hasn't watched it/saw little bits and thought it looked shit, go and watch the first series on YouTube. You'll be hooked after it.

    So for those who have seen it, I have some questions:

    Will Hank uncover Walter and his activites?
    Will Skyler remain silent over everything if Hank finds out, or will she spill all?
    It looks as though as Walter has said 'he's out' that Skyler will take the kids back and she won't behave in the crazy manor she has been any more. Do you think Walter is really out? Or will he go back to hiding everything like before? Or, will Walter leave his family and continue to cook with Jesse because the amount of money he's making has messed with his mind?

    Personally with another 8 episode of series 5 and a 'final' series 6 I don't see Hank finding out, at least not yet. I honestly think Walter will have Hank killed, that could in turn lead to what I suggested about Skyler and Walter splitting up.

    If Hank does find out, I think Skyler will plead ignorance and say she doesn't have a clue. Because at the end of the day, if she spilled then they would find out about her laundering Walters money and she'd be in just as much trouble with the DEA/FBI as Walter. (Minus the murder charges, of course :emoji_wink: )

    I think he'll go back to hiding everything or split with Skyler. The way that she acts she's too much of a risk, especially if Hank already has suspicions about Walter. Or Walter could kill Skyler, just to make Hank think that Walter isn't Heisenburg, because of course he wouldn't kill his own wife, would he?
  2. You and your fricken Soap Operas. You're a grown adult, not an old man.

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    Just kidding, Breaking Bad is actually a good series to be honest.
  3. Yeah it's good.
  4. Thread needs more replies.
  5. Argh, can we just have one breaking bad thread?
  6. Not until you watch it.
  7. I gave him torrent links for every season.... he's just a fool who doesn't know good TV programs. :pity:
  8. as soon as you close kellykelly discussion thread. Should be 18+ in legends anyways.
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