*Spoilers* Potential plans for Kane's spot at MITB!!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/...mitb-future-in-limbo-potential-plans-revealed

    Bad news for me...
    This will ultimately mean that Bray is winning the MITB briefcase and DB's will have to wait, not that I don't like Bray winning it but I just don't think he is ready for such immediate push and I would clearly give the priority to DB now..

    Your thoughts??
  2. DB can just main event Summerslam without winning the briefcase.
  3. There's seriously not a slight chance of Bray winning the briefcase. I mean the guy just debuted on RAW and hasn't even had a match on RAW either. Wyatt would be a pretty stupid choice to win the briefcase. Same for him getting involved in the match.
  4. Putting Wyatt in there would mean that it isn't an all-baby face match, which is a characteristic I like about the two MITB matches this year (one being all faces, the other being all heels.) I guess Wyatt could stand out as the one heel of the match but meh. I don't want to see Wyatt's first WWE match being involved against six other guys in a ladder match. No thanks. I hope they hold off on his debut (at least again a credible opponent) until Summerslam.

    Six guys in one ladder match is enough.
  5. He isn't going to be in the MITB match. It'd kill the All Stars gimmick match. Fuck dirtsheets
  6. I don't think this guarantees that Bray Wyatt will win MITB. I think it just adds some more intrigue to the matchup since the Wyatt Family had such an interesting/suspenseful debut on Monday.
  7. I don't think Wyatt will be in the match. As I said yesterday in other thread, if he gets in he will lose to Van Clap as Kane would.
  8. :hmm: I doubt it would, I think it just adds to the Wyatt family that they took out a member of the Raw Money in the Bank. They get a mention during the match, and it makes them look even better. I can see them interfering in the Money in the Bank match as well, but not Wyatt being an actual part of it.
  9. Why would they put him in story line wise? So you have just attacked and injured a wrestler, oh well have his spot in the ppv then.
  10. That's a shame and a bit pointless. Adding Bray Wyatt to the Money In The Bank ladder match does absolutely nothing for his career, unless he wins it, which he won't. I really don't see why they took Kane out. I was personally looking forward to seeing Kane and RVD reunited. Also, if they wanted Wyatt to debut by beating up a babyface, why not someone not in the ladder match? Why couldn't they beat up Justin Gabriel, or Alex Riley, or Yoshi Tatsu, or Zack Ryder, you get the picture. And if they wanted them to beat up a big guy, why not Khali? It just seems pointless to me that they're messing with arguably the biggest match of the card this close to the pay-per-view. And also, I kinda feel sorry for Kane. He's not exactly been treated will lately and I thought he deserved being in one of the main events.
  11. Yup Bray is winning if this happens.
  12. It's kinda weird, if Bray doesn't replace Kane I don't see why he needed to be taken out. Perphaps they just want to have it with 6 people or add someone else, idk.

  13. Taking out someone who was in one of the most hyped matches of the PPV (arguably THE most hyped of the card, even above Cena/Henry or at least equal to it) creates more of an impact. Plus, it jump starts the Kane/Wyatt feud, costing him a shot at the championship and nearly ending his career perhaps as well in the process.
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  14. I guess I never thought about it that way. Still sucks though. Why couldn't they take Sheamus out? And I'm sure they didn't retire Kane. Kane deserves a lengthy WWE title reign at least before he retires. Possibly winning it at SummerSlam, then losing it to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, then the next night Kane retired and Undertaker vacates the title and does the same.
  15. Kane would never agree to one. He claims he's been offered at least a short title reign periodically throughout the years, but rejected nearly all of them because he'd rather put younger talent over.

    Also, Undertaker/Kane would be a complete waste of a Wrestlemania match with Taker IMO, given his time is limited and he's already squared off against Kane twice at the event. I think John Cena, story wise, would make the perfect final opponent. Taker's never defeated an A-list sort of top tier main eventer like Cena (people like Michaels and HHH are great talents, but still technically second tier compared to even Cena, let alone Hogan/Austin/Rock) and it's the ideal way to go out.
  16. HBK and HHH are not 2nd tier compared to cena. That's blasphemy.
  17. I honestly think they are doing a storyline where they know that Kane will protect Daniel Bryan. So the Wyatts are trying to get Daniel Bryan to join them (Like a cult).
  18. If this is true and Bray wins it only guarantees shit booking. he'll be just another guy getting rushed to top WAY TOO FAST, and once your on top of the mountain there's nowhere to go but downhill.
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  19. They're putting Kofi Kingston in Kane's spot and he's going to win it
  20. God Damn please not the Wyatts.. I mean, its too damn early.. Let build them slowly
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