*SPOILERS* Smackdown results (Feb. 23 episode)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by GrammarNazi82, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Fandango again! :why: Anyway, there's a somewhat quick overview for you guys to get an idea of what to expect this week.
  2. Bo Dallas with an arm-drag? YAY GARETT BISCHOFF 2.0! Now with more than 2 Facial Expressions!

    The Swagger/Zeb stuff sounds extra funny tonight! It'll take a miracle to get me to buy into Jack at this point. Competitive match with Orton? That doesn't hurt, but...

    A random, pointless Divas tag match? Someone call the Guinness Book of World Records, this has to be the most apathy-inducing segment in television history!

    Is Miz vs Cody the new Kofi vs Dolph, the two guys who face each other over and over and over and over because UnCreative can't figure out anything to do with them? And to think we used to see these guys as obvious main eventers. LOL

    A SHEAMUS/WADE BARRETT FEUD? ARE YOU JOKING? What are we going to see here? "At Wrestlemania, you get to see someone who's been beating up jobbers for the past year, get to face... drumroll please... a jobber! Yay!" :cornette: Oh, hey look, Sheamus is going over yet another guy who can't win, and Barrett's jobbing again. A+ Build WWE
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  3. A sheamus-barrett feud would be nice. But build it up better.
    Also suprised Sandow-Sheamus was a lenghty match.
  4. Sounds....Thrilling.
  5. Wade Barrett is such a jobber.
  6. This sounds like a good episode on paper. I don't see a single bad match on that card.
  7. We can rip the booking and rip the uninteresting or filler segments all we want, but that's all you can see from stuff like this. You can't see show quality at all, wouldn't be a shock at all if this turned out to be an awesome SD
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  8. That's what I always say about Smackdown. I never judge it by spoilers alone, because they add so much in post production.
  9. Exactly. Since I'm never able to actually watch on Friday when it airs, I've gotten to where I like to read the spoilers ahead just to get an idea of what to expect, who faces who, etc. as a quick snapshot. But it's certainly no measure of the end result or how good/bad the show may actually be.
  10. Looks absolutely terrible. No Henry?
  11. FAN...DAN...GO!
  12. Nooooooo!! :why:
  13. Not even sure if I'm a fan yet. If he tries to kiss Henry then maybe.
  14. Actually watched this this morning, great show. Two PPV-quality matches, and Sheamus & Sandow had their best match yet.

    Go watch Swagger and Orton.
  15. Looking forward to Fandango's debut myself tbh.
  16. :cornette: agree entirely.
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