(Spoilers) So what do we all make of?

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    Barrett's new look, trunks and theme? Personally, I think they are all a massive improvement from what he had beforehand .
  2. His theme - typical sucky Wade Barrett theme, the only theme he's had that I've liked is the Nexus one.

    His look - Better

    His ring work - Good so far.

    His promo - Typical quality promo from Barrett, he's gifted on the mic. His "open for business" line really makes me think he'll be in the Punk/Heyman stable (if there is one).
  3. Yet another 0/10 theme for WB

  4. I like his theme. O_O

    Wrestling, Look, and mic skills are awesome as always.
  5. The theme sucks... It would be better if it was like a more *metal* theme.
    Dont care about attire.
    He looks like he's gained weight though?
    I don't like the beard though, surprisingly... I actually liked his clean face.
  6. Looks like he lost a lot of definition in his arms, but its understandable and i hope thats not his new finisher, its weak
  7. Theme: Drowned out by the canned heat but what I hear sounded dreadful. Then again, they turned "End of Days" into something decent after remixing it 10 times...

    The new look... I liked the coat entrance better, but the beard and the trunks get a thumbs up.

    His new ring-style, wasn't as much of a fan, but it's only a squash match. We'll see how it works in a real match. His new finisher is pretty ludicrous though.
  8. Not a fan of the theme, that's for certain.
  9. They have improved, but I want to see how he'll work in longer matches before I make any other conclusions about his new character.

    Although the theme is just a remix of his previous crappy theme.
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