Movies (Spoilers) Suicide Squad Review and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. All talk and spoilers about SS movie in here, I saw it last night and wanna talk about it.

    I think it was everything I expected, a massively hyped up movie that would be A Dissapointment due to too many expectations, I think it was fine.

    I am upset with the villain though, it wound up being Enchantress, when I was really expecting it to be The Joker. They really kept that secret and that's what really ruined it, it was a cliche villain, like that evil spirit who just wants to rule the world, it's like X Men Apocalypse/Thor: The Dark World all over again.

    Now I just wanna go over all my character opinions and stuff so feel free to read:
    My Opinions on The Characters (open)

    Dead shot- I'm not gonna argue with Will Smith's character, I mean he's cool, he wants robe an assassin but wants to be a good father yeah yeah all that he's okay
    Harley Quinn- okay, 3 words... BAD AS FUCK. She makes a perfect GF for The Joker and her origin story is a tad weird.... Involving Shocks to her head, jumping into chemicals and getting her BF a machine gun when at the time she was the psychiatrist for him.
    The Joker- Jared Leto can't top Heath Ledger in my opinion but Leto can sure pull his own spin on it, I don't even know is The Joker can be a bad guy in this film, the dude was just trying to rescue Harley countless times and treated her like a princess. We should of saw more of the Joker though... He looked more like a guy who just kept showing up randomly
    Killer Croc- eh every team needs their monster human, but he had good self esteem
    Boomerang- You know, I expect this guy to be a coward and shit but he turned out quite alright sticking by everyone holding his unicorns
    Katana- she was too quickly introduced to the group and I couldn't catch on to her, despite the whole "husband in the sword" thing
    El Diablo- why the hell did he die? I thought he was awesome? He was like the drug induced dad of his family who lost it all one day and on slaughtered his wife and kids and finally made things at peace with himself, then he DIED. WHY?!
    Slipknot- talk about a big WTF here, the dude appears on all the posters, all the cut outs and stuff, you expect to play a good part... And he dies right when he gets on the battlefield. Yeah yeah I know he had lame powers and he was an obvious thrown in to team so we can see someone's head blow off but he was promoted in the posters and stuff! This is the equivalent of having Cyclops promoted in X Men The Last Stand.
    Enchantress- I already made my points here
    Flag- i think he's just that hero solider you always see in these kind of movies , expect he was technically dating a witch.
  2. It's shit and Jared Leto was shit. The DCU is fucked, they had one okay movie and two shitpiles.
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  3. Lmao, okay.

    The movie wasn't great, but it wasn't shit. I don't really understand why people were expecting a Nolan-esque film. It was marketed as DC's Guardians, and that's what it was. A stylized, light-hearted film, with a good soundtrack.

    The villain was a let down, a cliché. It would've been cool had Joker rescued Harley, and they did something like take over the Asylum. Cue the Suicide Squad. But we knew Harley was the lead, no way she was gonna be the main villain.

    And I still think it's wayyyy too early to judge Jared's Joker. He had what, 10 minutes of screen time? He didn't have any chilling moments, sure, but none of it was bad. His first real film we'll probably be able to judge him on is the solo Bat-flick. And I am excited for it.


    And my thoughts on the characters:

    Harley- One line machine, which most fell flat. Dunno if they tried to make her the most likable, and with over doing it ruined it. However, Margot did the best with what she was given. And I liked how her accent thickened as the movie went on.

    Deadshot- Will Smith playing Will Smith with a different name. But that isn't bad here, it fit. I liked him quite a bit. Really coulda cut one or two of his flashbacks to give to someone like Croc, though.

    Capt Boomerang- Probably my favorite character in the movie, which was crazy surprising. Kudos to you Jai, being likable for once.

    Croc- Good for what he was, a supporting character. Dunno how he survived.

    Katana- Only needed her for the sword, yeah? Yeah.

    Slipknot- Bombs work, yeah? Yeah.

    Rick Flag- Kinnaman did well, glad he got the spot.

    El Diablo- Enjoyed his role. The build up to finally doing something was appreciated. Ultimately sacrificing himself to atone for everything he did was pretty neat, as well.

    Amanda Waller- Was pretty perfect, minus one scene. But yeah, more villainous than the rest of the villains combined.
  4. I fucking loved it, i dont give a damn what anyone says. I'm not gonna post some long ass review cause im no critic but it was one of my favorite movies this year. Harley aka Margot Robbie is literally a goddess (And a terrific actress) so that alone was enough to get me to watch this movie tbh. Will Smith stole the show, easily, I laughed hard at a bunch of his lines. (You one of them deaf hoes or somethin? lmaooo or Can't you just white people this whole thing? Laughed so damn hard.) I really cant pick out anything I didn't like. It was a 2 hour movie, people are bitching bout "Oh the characters didnt get enough development", for being a 2 hour movie, that is as much as they could do honestly. They gave backgrounds on the main characters right in the beginning and they definitely did develop, idk how thats even an argument.

    I loved it so I cant say much bad nor do I want to. All the actors/actresses killed it tbh (Especially you Will Smith you fucking GOAT) and i firmly believe everyone is just being too picky. Critics just love to shit on DC for whatever reason but I do not see the negative things about this movie at all. Lived up to the hype for me.
  5. Me saying its shit isn't really a "it was or it wasn't" as its entirely subjective. I was not expecting a Nolan film, they are entirely different from both a film aspect and business aspect. Nolan had his trilogy and it set a standard for a trilogy of films that tried to blend the line between Superhero movie and Crime Drama, you can't compare the two for that reason because like the MCU, DC are trying to make just plain old Superhero movies. Not that there is anything wrong with that, they are just executing it pretty poorly. From a business aspect they fuck themselves over, this films marketing was so fucking awesome IF it actually represented what the film wanted to be, its marketing was great which is what really affected my let down with this film because it was misleading. Now before I go into what I like and didn't like, I want to say I came into this film un bias towards it, in fact I wanted to succeed so that DC could have that redeeming movie and show they can make this universe work. I love DC Comics, I love their previous films, hell its not the best movie ever but I did enjoy Man of Steel a lot. Batman Vs Superman I can't defend, I truly was bored throughout that whole movie and even the action scenes didn't do much for me. But they were 1 for 1 in my eyes.

    Suicide Squad is a bad movie in my opinion. Its marketing led you to originally believe it was a gritty story and then after the reshoots to add some more "humor" they led you to believe it was Guardians of The Galaxy misfit heroes. Pick a fucking side DC, pick one. This also heavily worsened the film because by god was the humor ham fisted and cringey, props to Margot Robbie for trying to make it work, I take back what I said about Jared Leto on further thought. He and Margot Robbie were the major redeeming qualities of this film. I am heavily bias to changes to The Joker because I think he's one of the greatest things to ever happen to comics but this take is different and really annoyed me at first which is reflected from my previous post as I made that after coming out of the film.

    Enchantress was dumb and acted poorly. For a minute can I talk about Cara Devilinge or whatever her name is, she's just god awful and her attitude around this stuff stinks. She has admitted to being untrained and has said she pays no attention to people who doubt her acting ability. Thats fucking dumb, your untrained and you ignore anyone who tries to tell you to get training when you clearly need it.

    Joker and Harley were done well, it was different but good. The acting of Jared Leto is something I am concerned about but cant form a true opinion due to lack of screen time BUT fuck his "method acting", he's being an asshole in that regard. Margot Robbie did the best with a bad script, it felt a lot like her dialogue was mainly there to give out punchlines that not only were awful but really forced, aside from that she was fantastic, I believe this is the first time they have ever presented Harley Quinn in film and it really worked well and it makes me really fucking sad because this movie really should have just been a Joker and Harley movie and it would have been fantastic and if Ben Affleck is allowed to make his movie without meddling from Warner.

    Everyone else in this film felt just plain and bland, Jai Courtney is still shit at any role, I don't know how he gets hired he's just so awful. Katana was really forced in there, it was just like "OH AND HERE'S ANOTHER PERSON!", El Diablo was always a little silly to me in the comics but he was fine in the movie. Killer Croc looked badass as shit and that was about all he was the entire movie.

    I don't see this whole thing about "coming in from a critic stand point" I think people misunderstood what I was trying to say or maybe I worded it wrong, when I say that it I mean I can identify things I liked and disliked and I also can identify technical things from films such as cinematography and most importantly sound, sound has a huge affect on films to me and its only because I study it. Like my dream job and what I'm actively working towards is to work on Sound Design for movies and TV so I can't help but identify things like that. But my opinions on Suicide Squad have nothing to do with the technical side, I can easily enjoy a film despite technical stuff.

    Quick note, the trailers also had a style similar to Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and it would've been really cool in the film tbh.
  6. The second trailer was the Queen trailer, was it not? And that was about half a year ago. The majority of their marketing was touting it as DC's Guardians. Not some gritty, dark film.(hence the Nolan-esque remark) And on that note, they nailed it. I'm not going to over analyze it, it's simply not a movie that requires deep thinking.

    I think the main thing that pissed people off, was the lack of The Joker. With how much he was marketed people were expecting him to be the main villain. But as cool as that would've been, I'm glad that wasn't the case. The Class A, world ending threat, was probably the better move. But I do think they could've done more with Cara, instead of her CGI body belly dancing.
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  7. Yeah they touted it like Guardians and it was really misleading, there was both gritty trailers and guardians trailers and its so weird, they clearly tried to with the reshoots after BVS to add more "humor" which is why it feels so hamfisted because it really was.

    I think Joker as a more condensed villain would have been better, it suffered the same issue that Marvel has where they face hoards of random meaningless enemies and then destroy the core that wrecks them all (See: Avengers 1 and 2). Civil War fixed that where the fights were much better when they were condensed, against each other and you really cared about everyone fighting and the main villain was playing them all for his own personal revenge.
  8. Wasn't a bad movie In fact it was very fun to watch. It added more depth to the DCEU and got me personally excited to see where these characters end up next. Sure it had it's fair share of issues but every movie does and I'm in no means a movie critic. However I am DC fan who went in expecting something different.

    Enchantress while a awesome character and portrayed wonderfully in this movie, shouldn't have been the villain. She was waaaay to OP for the Suicide Squad. Task force X aren't for threats like her, they're for smaller scale missions with low success rates, missions in which death is a guarantee. If anything Joker would've been the better choice for a Villain. He is the type of threat the Squad would be assigned to capture (or kill) and it would've made for a better story.

    Speaking of Joker we didn't see enough of him to really place him anywhere yet. But for now I'd say he is top three behind Nicholson and Ledger. Jared Joker is...different, not so much pyschotic murder clown but rather eccentric gangster who resembles a clown. The jury is still out on Joker Leto, I need to see him more before I judge.

    Harley Quinn was pretty much copy/pasted right from the comics. Margot Robbie IS Quinn as far as I'm concerned. Her interactions with everyone were perfect. I can't wait to see her in more DCEU movies going forward.

    Will Smith was good a Deadshot and kept true to the character. Interesting that they didn't go with Deadshots actual origin but I guess it made his character not as evil. Hopefully he and Batman meet up in another movie or sequel.

    Amanda Waller was my favorite character. She's such a bitch and it's great because she gets things done. An independant black Women who don't need no man *finger snaps*.

    Overall this movie is a fun watch but it could have been better. It had the style and the talent but something went wrong along the way.

  9. On a personal note...I found the film a complete mess...
    but Margot Robbie looked great...especially from behind.
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