*SPOILERS* Tapings for 10/23/13 - 11/13/13

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  2. Nice. Graves is a better heel. Glad to see they're feuding him with Neville.
  3. Fuckin' awesome to see that Neville and Graves have the Main Event on two of those shows.
  4. Seems like a filler/set up heavy taping. But with a lot of regulars gone it is understandable.

    People missing for those interested:
    Sami Zayn - Middle Eastern tour with the main roster (all his parts are video packages)
    Bo Dallas - Same as Zayn
    Scott Dawson - injured.
  5. Simply, thrilling...
  6. Wut. Did Lefort just turn on Rusev already?
  7. Every time i read the nxt spoilers i wonder what person is playing a video game to decide what happens. This is like a fanmade (newguy or one of those dudes...BLFFL isnt quite there yet) and yet im still really interested. For example how the last tapings ended for bo and zayn, is one of the few that makes real sense in a storyline like that tbh.

    Tensai on commentary, paige over summer rae who has someone in her corner ffs, and i honestly mark for breeze. Ive watched the last while now but am too big of a mark to really get forumwide yet.

    That selfie shit they have on the tron while he walks is just perfect, and those frills on the fucking boots haha. If he transfers to main roster they will make him kiss a guy, plan on it. Probably r-truth.
  8. Legit..?

    How can you have 1 month's worth of shows without a champion and no 1 contender appearing at all? What a joke.

    NXT, you made a big mistake there.
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  9. NXT has gone months without the champion showing up in anything other than packages before. They cycle talent in and out all the time.
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