*SPOILERS* Tapings for 11/20/13 - 12/11/13

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    - WWE taped another four weeks of NXT TV tonight at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Below are full spoilers:

    November 20th Episode:

    * The announcers are William Regal, Alex Riley and Byron Saxton.

    * Bo Dallas opens the show to talk about the Bo Dallas vs. The World Tour. Bo shows us photos from his trip around the world with WWE. Balloons are everywhere. Bo has cookies passed out to all the fans in attendance. NXT General Manager JBL comes out and gives props to Bo. Sami Zayn interrupts and wants to be re-instated by JBL and wants a title shot. JBL re-instates Sami because it's best for business but isn't happy about it. JBL announces a Beat the Clock Challenge.

    * Alexander Rusev defeated Colin Cassady at 5:33 in a Beat the Clock match.

    * Camacho and Hunico defeated local wrestlers. They cut a promo after the match and said they're coming for The Ascension.

    * Kassius Ohno defeated Tyler Breeze at 4:48 in a Beat the Clock match.

    * Adrian Neville defeated Aiden English at 4:45 in a Beat the Clock match.

    * Sami Zayn defeated Leo Kruger right as the clock ran out in a Beat the Clock match. JBL came out, blamed the referee and announced Zayn vs. Neville for next week with the winner facing Bo.

    November 27th Episode:

    * The announcers are William Regal, Renee Young and Alex Riley.

    * Antonio Cesaro defeated Yoshi Tatsu with a Neutralizer and a Cesaro Swing. Cesaro had words and a staredown with William Regal. He also argued with Byron Saxton.

    * Bo Dallas defeated CJ Parker in a non-title match.

    * Hunico and Camacho defeated The Ascension in a non-title match.

    * Tyler Breeze defeated Kassius Ohno. Ohno was attacked before the match by Alexander Rusev.

    * Adrian Neville defeated Sami Zayn to become the new #1 contender. Bo Dallas was on commentary. Sami and Adrian hugged after the match.

    December 4th Episode:

    * The announcers are Byron Saxton, Renee Young and Alex Riley.

    * Paige defeated Natalya with the NXT Women's Title on the line.

    * Aiden English defeated a local wrestler.

    * Antonio Cesaro came out and apologized to Byron Saxton for getting into it with him last week. Cesaro calls Saxton over to the stage and ends up smacking him.

    * Tyson Kidd defeated Leo Kruger after Sami Zayn came out and distracted Kruger.

    * Adrian Neville defeated Bo Dallas by count out with the NXT Title on the line.

    December 11th Episode:

    * The Ascension defeated Camacho and Hunico with the NXT Tag Team Titles on the line.

    * Summer Rae and Sasha Banks defeated Bayley and Natalya.

    * Alexander Rusev defeated Kassius Ohno by submission.

    * Mojo Rawley defeated Scott Dawson. After the match, Sylvester Lefort tried to have words with Rawley, which led to Dawson laying Rawley out with a cheap shot.

    * Leo Kruger defeated Sami Zayn and attacked him after the match. Zayn fought back and they brawled to the floor until referees broke it up.​
  2. Paige beat Natalya that is fucking awesome now get her on the main roster
  3. Bo has been champ for how long now? My god...
  4. No.

    Zayn Vs Neville :fap:
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  5. God damn it WWE! Whoever takes that title from Bo is going over like a mofo!
  6. Hopefully Ohno steps it up in the feud with Rusev. That could be a physical war.
  7. I'm liking Rusev as of late
  8. Cool to see Hunico back. It looks like a good set of cards, especially Zayn/Neville & Kid/Kruger. I just hate the fact we’ll have to see Bo as champion for this set of tapings.
  9. Damn Tyson is back? Great to see. Neville Vs Zayn (maybe) NXT MOTYC? Rusez Vs Ohno could be awesome. Neville Vs Bo will be good. Overall a pretty good taping after the last one lacking :obama:
  10. TYSON KIDD <3
  11. Tyson Kidd? Zayn vs Neville? Oh my god, yes.
  12. WWE really has something against Tyson Kidd, or someone is really doing something right making him run up the ranks. Time will tell.
  13. He just came back from a serious injury, He will be making sure he is fit for TV.
  14. why are you quoting me? I know why.
  15. What?
  16. I can't wait for Zayn vs Neville, I wish they were allowed to go full out. I think one of the first PWG matches I saw was of these two together, amazing stuff.
  17. Hunico and Kidd back? I'm in.
  18. Hey, did you see RAW last night? You really nailed this one :pity:
  19. Kidd has been doing live tours since August. He had match of the night for almost the entire Mexico tour with Hunico.
  20. You have to realize he meant Raw/smackdown by saying TV, right?
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