*SPOILERS* The Wyatts....

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jul 8, 2013.

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    So... what's going to happen?

    I'm guessing Kane is now out of MITB so they could play into the idea of Kane saying they screwed him out of a WHC win, le wild Undertaker return leading to a Kane/Taker match vs Wyatts at SummerSlam or Survivor Series?
  2. I'm pretty sure BOD/The Shield in a handicap match is off for Summerslam now with Christian and Ambrose being set up for a US Title feud post-MITB and with Kane being attacked by the Wyatts, so... yeah. Undertaker/Kane against The Wyatt Family (with the latter going over) sounds awesome.

    Attacking Kane was a good way to start off their presence in WWE, as Kane has a twisted past and a twisted psyche deep down that can be reinvigorated and allow him to become monstrous again for his dealings with the Wyatts. Having his brother, the Phenom himself the Undertaker return to help him find that dark side would be awesome. Considering this is pretty much the twilight of Undertaker's career (and maybe Kane's as well), this might be the last time for them to team up together again for a big story line/feud like this one, going up against people almost as twisted (or equally so) as they are or have been.
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  3. Firstly, I've never seen a more perfect build to a debut and then the execution. I was looking at Bray and thinking "Damn, I know so much about his character already just by these vignettes and backstage segments"; this in itself forces the casual fans to either boo him or cheer for him. This is how you build a star. Wonderful by WWE.

    I'm glad they went for Kane as he's doing nothing at the moment and it's a semi-big name to go over. I'm hoping your idea of Wyatt's vs BoD happens at Summerslam, as that will really put them on the map.
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  4. First off fuck that Baltimore crowd. HAHA LOL HE'S HUSKY HARRIS LOL THAT'S FUNNY LET'S CHANT IT HAHAHA. It's not funny. It wasn't for Tensai, it isn't for Henry and I can already see it getting tedious with Wyatt. The thing is I bet half of the male fans who were chanting it probably moan about there not being any interesting characters in WWE these days - you're given one and this is how you respond. Assholes.

    But anyway, the debut was perfect. The entrance with just the candle is creepy as hell, and the fact they're getting set up for a feud with BoD at Summerslam by the looks of things is awesome. Surely you can't mess this up WWE?
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  5. Yesterday:
  6. Your point? Things come off different on TV. You've done the same thing. Another useless post from Dolph.

    The only thing which ruined the segment was the Husky Harris chants. The entrance was the best entrance I've seen since Ascension. I wouldn't even mind if he was facing one of the Uso's, it's irrelevant now.
  7. lol calm the fuck down. Just found it funny
  8. Nice debut. The brutal way they attacked him set it up nicely as well, smashing his head with the steel steps really makes the attack look that much more brutal. Their intro was also pretty boss, and the ending with Bray Wyatt kneeling in front of Kane, and mocking him was also a nice touch. Only two things I didn't like about the debut, one was the fact that they told us they were debuting. They could have kept it a surprise. Two was the whole Husky Harris chant. There was really no need for it, and it was pointless. Other then that, I thought it was a pretty good debut.
  9. I enjoyed their debut. The videos leading up to it definitely built up the suspense and eerie quality of the Wyatt family. Attacking a huge figure in the WWE like Kane makes them appear reckless, fearless, and willing to make a huge statement about what destruction they're capable of. I could see this leading to a match, like others have been saying, between the Wyatt family and Kane/Undertaker.
  10. Personally I hated it. 2 months worth of promos and build for that - a random 2 minute attack on a comedy character who lacks any credibility.

    Although, now people have talked about the handicap match makes it seem better.

  11. Well, last night was just the first night. For me, things start to get really interesting next week since we'll almost certainly see a promo from them, maybe even on the Smackdown tapings tonight. Last night was just the beginning.

  12. Sure, it was just an anti-climax and came off as lazy...

    "We've got 3 new guys that need to debut soon."
    "Err, just have them attack a big babyface after a win, that'll be cool."

    I think they should have done a promo in the ring before even interacting with other superstars.
  13. What do you mean what is going to fuckin happeN???

    He has no followers, only brothers and sisters ALL in the name of cause. People are sheep! They can't lead themselves, THEY NEED TO BE LED! PEOPLE buy and sell fear, they worship war, they crave war. HE'S NOT AFRAID OF YOUR WARS! HE CREATED WAR, and he thinks it's time for the masses to wake up WAKE UP WAKEUP and look at this lie you're living in MAN! The world is deteriorating between your toes. You only stand there, whipser and wonder, but never do anything about it! He's seen it all in his dreams, and in his throughts. Above everything else he understands this is not the beginning.... This is the end

    They're here.
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  14. Btw, is Wyatt still injured? Not sure how long it'll be before he competes.
  15. Was he wearing the arm brace/sleeve on Monday? I don't remember. I think it is a protective cast of some sort like the one McIntyre ran around with for a while during the winter after breaking his arm (no report on if that is what happened to Bray though). And other reports say the sleeve is just a tribute to his uncle, same way Bo wears one black glove so unsure on the injured front.
  16. I'm pretty sure I saw him competing on NXT with the sleeve.
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