Spoiler Spoilers: TNA done goofed

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Star Lord, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. For he 2/1/13 show.


    Fuck that bs, why did they do that?
  2. It'll set up a feud and give Aries something to do.
  3. Why not have Aires win it and Sabin chase him for the title..
  4. Why did I read this, fuck spoilers.
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  5. Faces are better chasers.
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  6. its 2/1/14 lol and Sabin abusing Velvet ain't cool
  7. Damn, that's pretty far ahead in tapings.
  8. Is TNA taping all of 2014 or something? shiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  9. TNA has tapings until 2034 :otunga:
  10. TNA's next TV taping is on Jan. 16th from Hunstville, AL, two Impact episodes.

    Then after that comes the UK TV tour.
  11. Those UK tapings should be very good but Aries to lose the belt he just won huhhh.I would of rather of set up a triple threat match Ion vs Aries vs Sabin.Aries is about get the win, and Sabin sneaks his way using the tights of some kind to win the belt back.
  12. Thought him winning the title was a goof, he's above the X Division. Amazing how he feels like a top guy after 2 years.

    they just don't have anything else for him, so they did done goofed
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