SPOILERS * TNA one night only tag teams show thing results spoilers

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. Don't think these have been posted. If so :cornette:

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  2. Clearer results:

  3. Always have to out do me :aries:

    Gen Me back = :yay:
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  4. Not back full time.
  5. So to clear up the confusion with the "bye in rounds", it's simple.

    Former tag champions (some of 'em) and current champs got a bye in some rounds. That are 3D, Joegnus, Los Nobodicarios, and Aries & Roode.
  6. Holy fudge and mustard Plop give me a moment.

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    :dawg: I know that but still
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  7. Looks alright. Generation Me being back for the PPV is a :win:
  8. And why none of the likes like Terry & Doug, Wes & Garett, Gen Me, Hotshots, Dutt & Petey didn't get a bye. They were never the champs.
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  9. But why did Bad Influence didn't get a bye then? Because there were only 4 byes available and they had to job to Los Nobodicarios.:finger:
  10. Don't actually wanna check the results, but when is this lol?
  11. Test vs Test is a great discussion.
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  12. August 2013. Seriously, lol.
  13. And do I hear that Team 3D worked as the babyfaces for the main event? Because it'd be totally wierd IMO.
  14. Just checked the results as I'll forget by then anyway lol. Why have they taped this so early? Really don't get why the didn't make these one night onlys live tbh.

    But anyway, Team 3D vs Dirty Heels? :fap:
  15. :why: did I read this comment. :upset:
  16. I wonder if 3d rocked Aces & 8s gear or their own
  17. You're right. Inside info that I have tells me the same thing. It's interesting to say the least, and IZ morons really are morons to cheer for Devon & Bully after they betraited them like that, not too long ago. Lol.
  18. Because TNA is leaving the IZ before this Tuesday is over, so they had to do this so early. It cut some costs for them.
  19. I apologize because I violated you basic human rights and you will , I hope, forgive my indulgence.
  20. I believe 3D was in their underwear.
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