SPOILERS: TNA X-Travaganza PPV Special

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    -Christian York won an X Division X-Scape Match by escaping the cage. The match also included: Matt Bentley, Sam Shaw, Alex Silva, Jimmy Rave, Puma and Lince Dorado. It was elimination until the final two where one has to escape the cage. Order of elimination: Lince Dorado, Puma, Sam Shaw, Alex Silva and then Matt Bentley.

    Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe is announced for tonight's main event.

    -Doug Williams and Kid Kash defeated Ra'Shad Cameron and Anthony Nese after Williams pinned Nese following a Chaos Theory.

    Robbie E is in the ring and calls himself the best X Champion in history. He continues to run his mouth until he is interrupted by Chavo Guerrero. Chavo brags about the lineage of cruiserweight wrestling in Mexico. They will have a match and it will be refereed by Joseph Park.

    -Chavo Guerrero defeated Robbie E with a Frog Splash with Joseph Park as referee. After the match, Robbie got in Park's face leading to Park going after him.

    -Kenny King defeated Rubix, Zema Ion and Mason Andrews in an Ultimate X Match. Before the match, it was announced that the winner would have to take the X to the ground. Rubix actually grabbed the X but as he was getting down, he landed on the shoulders of Kenny King. King took the X from him and then hit an Electric Chair.

    -Bad Influence defeated Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt after Kazarian hit the Fade to Black on Sonjay. The heels were going to continue beating up their opponents after the match but the tides turned. Petey connected with the Canadian Destroyer on Kazarian. Williams and Sonjay then posed with the fans.

    -Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn in a very good No DQ Match with the 5 Star Frog Splash. After the match, the roster comes to the stage and applauds Jerry. This looks to be Jerry's final match in TNA.

    -Austin Aries defeated Samoa Joe in what was said to be a great match after countering the Musclebuster into a rollup.

    Full credit goes to PWInsider for the results.

    Aries vs. Joe = PPV sold!:woo1:
  2. Nice, but in all honesty, don't know why they're doing it now.
    Airs in April or May I believe. :sad:
  3. We will probably dl it next week.
  4. Jimmy Rave & Petey Williams :yay: Looks like a solid show.
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