*Spoilers* - Two More Members Of Sting's MEM Revealed

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. I don't really see the point in Jackson bar that he is a good hitman or enforcer for the group. I however, dig Magnus being in it. Great move.

    I think this is the final number for the group unless Hogan or Hardy join it, and God forbid that.

    Overall, even though I don't like the way they got there, this group is looking awesome and hopefully Magnus wins the BFGS and beats Bully Ray.
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  2. I was excited for this but meh, Rampage Jackson is annoying as hell and Kurt Angle is meh too, Joe and Magnus seems good and of course Sting has to be in it.
  3. Jackson? Really? :harvey:
  4. Assume Rampage is being part of the group for backstage reasons. They're letting him be at ringside to watch guys like Joe, he can train with Kurt, have an easy first feud on the main roster, etc. His main role will probably be doing run-ins for the faces right now to keep the rest of the Aces away, at least he'll be on TV unlike King Mo.

    Magnus: this still doesn't make sense but bitched about that already. Glad to see him back with Joe.

    This is bring back some early Fortune vs Immortal flashbacks from before Fortune just forgot about the whole thing.
    You look at this feud and nobody in Aces and Eights would believably last three minutes in the ring with any MEM guys outside of Bully and Anderson.
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  5. Rampage should have just debuted through this. Would have been a good surprise, and TNA wouldn't have built up his underwhelming reveal as much as they did. As others have said he'll work really well as an enforcer, good decision on that one IMO.

    As Rain says, seeing Magnus and Joe together will be cool. Got no arguments with that one either, although I was hoping for a slightly more exciting reveal at some point of somebody who hasn't appeared in a while. Rampage aside these are the same guys who have been fighting Aces and Eights for months and 'losing the battle'.
  6. Rampage as a new member... I don't get the point tbh. Yeah, Rampage is a known MMA fighter but he hasn't even fought in TNA.
  7. Fuck, I forgot about stupid Rampage, there ladies and gents is where Crimson, Hendrix, and others' money went
  8. But they saw money on Rampage...

  9. In what capacity? People who've just come out of a 5 year coma and think he's still important?
  10. He's getting paid by Spike TV to work for Impact and Bellator, so TNA's not footing the bill.

    Source: D'Z
  11. If true, then :phew:
  12. Spike, Bellator and TNA are sharing costs equally.

    Source: :steiner:
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