*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown Taping Results for 6/15/12

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  1. Source: PW
  2. * A local wrestler defeated Dean Ambrose
    Please tell me this is a typo, why have any of your talents job to a local wrestler?

    DB / DZ match sounds pretty good, aslong as it's pretty long. As does Christian / Swaggs. The divas will have been short as would have Ryback and Sandow but le wild Tyson Kidd appearing sounds pretty cool. Cenanuff of the rest.
  3. I thought Dean Ambrose was in TNA. Can't wait for him to be in WWE T.V.
  4. Ikr. A random local wrestler defeated Dean Ambrose. wtf. inb4CrayoRages.
  5. I always skip reading the dark matches, I was about to type "Sounds like a watchable show for once, good week for WWE" BUT FUCK THEM, FUCK THEM IN THE ASS.
  6. What is this? Tyson Kidd in a Smackdown Main Event? The show looks awful, but that + Daniel Bryan and Dolph going over in the tag match (YES! UPSET VICTORY FOR THE HEELS YES YES YES YES YES! SCREW OFF WWE BABYFACES!) almost salvage it. Maybe it will come off better on TV when we see the in-ring Big Show segments.

  7. Well that could mean one of two things. 1. Cena is definitely winning or 2. Cena loses, gets fired, but shows up every week anyway ie. Nexus. Either way the results suck
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  8. * This week's WWE SmackDown opens with Sheamus, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero all arguing in the ring.

    can any opening segment sound worse than this?


    * Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler defeated World Champion Sheamus and WWE Champion CM Punk. Kane appeared after the match and chokeslammed the champions.

    Punk and Sheamus retaining confirmed. (not that I didn't already know it was happening)


    * Brodus Clay defeated Heath Slater in a squash match, it was about 20 seconds long. David Otunga ran out and attacked Brodus, working over his knee. Brodus had to be helped to the back by 5 referees.

    * Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox.

    * John Laurinaitis is in the ring with The Big Show. Not much happened, just hyping this Sunday’s PPV.

    This is what shitty shows are made of. Otunga about to be the next victim of a squash feud with Brodus. Oh joy

    * WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Jack Swagger.

    Good match I'm sure.

    * Ryback defeated two local wrestlers.

    * Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd.


    * John Cena comes to the ring and calls out Big Show. Instead, John Laurinaitis came out. Cena ended up knocking Laurinaitis out.

    * Afterward, Cena left and Big Show and David Otunga came out for the dark match main event. John Cena is back out to face Show and Otunga in a handicap match. Otunga and Show dominated the match. Otunga held Cena and Show went for the WMD, but Cena ducked. Cena sent Show out of the ring and pinned Otunga to win the match.


    sounds like an awful show besides the tag match and the IC title match
  9. I've lost so much. Cena isn't getting fired -.-
  10. Triple H came out for an off-camera segment and hit the Pedigree on Swagger. He chased Vickie Guerrero to the back to end the segment.

  11. Lol @ Triple H destroying Mcintyre and Swagger 2 weeks in a row. They got heat when they actually felt important...

    Hence the picture... I fully expect Big Show to win, setting up Johnny Ace re-hiring him and our "big summer storyline" is a replay of the shitty part of the Nexus storyline, except with Big Show involved... Fuck. Can we have them both fall out of the cage and their feet touch at the same time?
  12. Sounds like an alright Smackdown, I might check it out depending on what you guys think, If nothing special happens then I'll probably give it a skip which I'm thinking of doing. I'll watch the Tag match on YouTube maybe. That sounded alright.
  13. What a way to get higher ratings after people (casuals at least im sure) will tune into Smackdown expecting something at least above mediocre. Wow.

    Ill watch Christian and the tag match, and read the rest of the highlights on everyone status on friday. Thanks in advance.
  14. Cena was fired via that WB stipulation a couple of years ago.. I actually think it makes him losing a little more likely.. you know the kiddies would tune in in flocks to see wtf was going on if they heard that Cena was getting fired.
  15. Lol, this would be the 3rd Cena firing in 19 months if you include Punk.
  16. I hope you're right I really do.

    It probably does make it more likely tbh. Oh well.
  17. Honestly it almost makes me want to pick Big Show in the prediction contest.
  18. I really wish i wasnt the only one watching this tonight. Talk about night and day (raw vs smackdown)
  19. Ambrose jobbing to local talent... :downer:

    Tag match and Christian vs Swagger were all right. Sheamus will retain... I think DB wins the title, but I'm not sure. Either that or Punk retains. Hype to the divas and pre-show matches... Ryback and Sandow squashes... Having to watch Cena and Show on SD too... Having to sit through another Cena fired storyline... :annoyed:

    HHH coming out off camera just to bury a young guy. :dawg:
  20. John Cena is an advocate of speeding. Bad man.
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