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  1. If you must be a jack off and post a spoiler thread. Can you please at least have some decency and either leave a few lines blank or start off by using your first few sentences to warn people.

    The reason being is that on tapatalk. Under the title of the thread. It shows the text in the topic.

    Not that I care that khali and jinder wrestles on smackdown this week in the smackdown spoiler thread. But in some spoiler threads. (TNA smackdown raw ppvs) sometimes I just don't want to know because I actually like to WATCH the show!!!!! Since I work at my store, I don't get to watch it right away.

    C'mon people. Play nice now!

  2. I can't speak for everyone else but whenever I write a thread about a recently aired show or possible spoilers I always specify that either in the title or the beginning of the thread. Understand why you feel the way you do though.
  3. Its also the thread topics that spoil the shows and events as well. If I don't start raw until an hour after it starts but had come on here to see a "why did cena shove his thumb up zack Ryder's rectum" thread. Then it's spoiled for me.

    Just asking that people be more considerate



    Especially since smackdown is taped... I dont want to know what happens on Wednesday in a show I plan on watching Friday

  4. Threads including spoilers are meant to be like this:

    SPOILER - What's this about?

    Or something, if you see a spoiler tag, don't open the thread. If you don't see one and there's a spoiler in - you need to report it so I can change it and warn the user (if it's ignorant, if it's an accident I'll simply PM them).
  5. The point I'm trying to make. Is that I can see about two lines with of the post as well via tapatalk. So even without trying to read it your brain retains the info.

    Eg: cena wins championship, edge returns, we see a hornswoggle sex tape!!!

    I would see all this under the title. No point watching the show now!

  6. Thanks for ruining this weeks Raw :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. LOL now everyone suffers!!! Like I do!

  8. Really? Tapatalk does that?

    I'll make a rule where threads consisting spoilers have to have non-spoiler titles and then spoiler tags like so:

    Show Spoiler

    That good?
  9. Lol yeah. That's cool

  10. It's not a spoiler if it's aired. I've never understood this at all. Stay away from a wrestling forum 'cos you know...

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  11. Return spoilers, taped show spoilers.
  12. "it's not a spoiler if it's aired"

    Anything that hasn't been shown on TV is a spoiler.

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  13. Would be a bloody good RAW haha! LOL'd hard at this.

    An yup fair point and to Adam yeah if it's aired ppl know but some of us avoid reading bout RAW if we missed it till we watch it I know I do.

  14. It's the topics that are blatant smackdown spoilers on a Wednesday is infuriating

  15. Then the original comment you made was unneeded, Darkside isn't going on about discussions after a show has aired. He's talking about SD spoilers etc. Noob :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  16. OP said he doesn't watch the shows straight away, which is fine because it's on at ridiculous times but if you come on a WWE forum then expect there to be discussion about a show that's aired.

    Otherwise every discussion would literally be a spoiler.

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