Kayfabe Spooky Scary Skeleton

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  1. *Exodus comes back from an ad break, the arena's lights are turned off and music begins to play*

    *A mysterious figure appears on the entrance ramp with a hood over his head, a robe is also draped down the person*
    ???: Ooga booga boo!
    *The figure slowly raises their head and then lowers the hood, Ben Song is revealed to be under the robe, he gestures for the music to cease*
    Ben Song: Did I scare ya? Good. I just wanted to make a point of how campy Reaper is in reality. I mean he looks like a discount Corey Graves for Christ's sake, I didn't actually want him in the Disciples when I was their leader but he was the only person willing to enter la piscina de la muerte so I gave him a pass and let him join. But that place changed him, not only did it erode most of his hair but it must have had a similar effect on the brain.
    *Ben Song points at the titantron and Kayfabe - Non-Civil War begins to play*
    Ben Song: I mean who defaces a Civil War sign that's just plain rude. Oh and by the way do we all notice how when he smiles into the camera, one eye is pointed to mars and the other's trying to look behind him. He seriously is just trying too hard right there and I'm the one who puts about five hundred jokes in my talks with you guys.
    *Ben Song gets out the ring gets a sledgehammer from under the ring and rolls back into the ring*
    Ben Song: I'm actually still slightly irked when it comes to Reaper destroying my throne, I know it wasn't his choice but if he's too scared to disobey The Webmaster he has to have some major mental problems, so to get back at Reaper I'm going to destroy his favorite toy the one in my hands.
    *Ben Song snaps the sledgehammer over his knee*
  2. *Reaper walks onto the stage, he begins to slowly pace around the ring as Ben Song puts his fists up nd gets ready to fight*
    Reaper: Ben, you were once a force to be feared here in Exodus, but look at you now a man who tries to impress these scumbags in this so called "universe" and now you're dressed like a fourth rate clown. Not even a good clown like IT or John Wayne Gacy, no you're just a... failure not only have you failed yourself but you've also failed Satan and he's no very happy of your failure. Ben you don't really understand yet, what I'm trying to say is that even if I wanted to I can't even help you now.
    *The arena's lights begin to flicker and eventually turn red. A hole appears in the ring behind Ben Song and he is grabbed by a hand coming from the hole, he tries to pry the hand off but Reaper blindsides him knocking him into the hole, The arena lights turn back to normal as a bright red light emits from the hole in the ring. Reaper taunts the crowd before jumping into the hole himself. The commentators are shocked into silence as Exodus goes to a commercial break*

  3. *The Webmaster walks out with a mic in hand, he has a smile on his face as he slowly begins to walk to the ring*
    The Webmaster: Oh no! Ben's gone, where oh where has he gone. Well you see I set this all up just to give Ben Song a disadvantage going into our tag match at Summerslam. I think it worked 'cause big ol' Ben would usually use some of his cunning wit to topple the evil doers once and for all but somethings happened to him. He isn't himself anymore, he gotten sloppy he's not the Ben Song who I was beaten by at Feast or Fired. He is being knocked off his perch by former friends. And the only reason we're doing it is to cause him to reflect on leaving the Disciples which will hopefully culminate in him retiring from wrestling after Summerslam when we're done with him
    *The Webmaster rolls into the ring, drops the mic and jumps into the hole following his comrade and enemy into the dark abyss*