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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jonathan, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. Post all your sports betting tips or bets you've put on here.

    £1 on each of these acca's.

    £1 @ 144.44/1
    Return: £145.44

    £1 @ 22.96/1
    Return: £23.96

    £1 @ 277.48/1
    Return: £278.48

    £1 @ 449.99/1
    Return: £450.99
  2. wtf is an acca? like a parlay?

    If so, you are wasting your time betting those long shots. If picking 6-7 games at once was easy we'd all be rich
  3. Why would you pick an accumulator with draws on it? That's never gonna happen lol. The only time I've ever found accumulators worthwhile is for WWE bets.

    Other bit I'm not getting, you have notes at the side like "Chelsea's last seven games against middle third sides have had 3.5+ goals", why wouldn't you put an over 3.5 bet on then?
  4. Because I think the match will be a draw? :hmm:

    Tried an acca on skybet but they don't do them. I didn't do an over 3.5 because I don't think there will be over 3.5 goals, obviously.

    Dolph an acca is an accumulator. More than one bet but one stake, they all have to come through to win. Has better odds (return wise) and is easy to make money if the games are predictable.
  5. That's what I said, a parlay.

    And if you think hitting those pipe dream parlays you have laid out is a possibility, then :pity1:
  6. Sorta the point.. add some harder ones to increase the odds. All are possible.
  7. Like I said, they aren't hitting. I've forgotten more about losing money on sports gambling then you will ever know, so you don't need to try and explain to me that you are getting good odds on those plays. No shit sherlock. I could get good odds on the Raiders winning the 2014 super bowl, but it isn't going to make me any money.

    American sports reference and look at their heads spin. HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. Individually they might be 'probable' (some are, to say they all are is asinine) but to go 6/6 is no joke.

    I'll eat crow & tip my cap if you show me a ticket stub of you winning a 6+ team parlay at any ridiculous odds like 100/1

    your safest bet is 22/1 and hinges on you winning a coin flip, 3 favorites winning and hitting a 3/1 dog. BOL, at 22/1 I don't like the obstacles you have to overcome
  10. would it be wrong to bet on my team being relegated can get 661 for them and ther only 5 points off
  11. It would be very wrong, then you'd benefit from Boro going down, I refuse to ever bet against Boro as then I wouldn't be bothered if we lost. Don't do it, you'll feel dirty.
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