Sports Leagues with provisions forcing teams to keep players from that country on roster

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  1. What is the point of this? I know it happens in basketball leagues across the globe and the CFL does it as well.

    if the CFL were comprised of all talented NCAA players who couldn't make it in the NFL the product may be watchable. Instead every team has to have 20 'non imports' to 19 'imports' and the result is a bunch of Canadian fuck heads playing that nobody wants to see instead of big name American NCAA players who didn't make it in the NFL.

    It happens in basketball in leagues like the Chinese CBA where you can only have 2 'imports' per team. So guess what happens? Those 'imports' are essentially ringers who go out there and rape a bunch of short chinese dudes lmao.

    I just don't understand it. You are watering down your own product intentionally. I understand the fans may want to see there own, but I imagine a lot more so they want to see their teams putting great players out to compete.

    Take the MLB for instance. A very good # of its players are from the Dominican Republic or Cuba or Mexico or even Asia. What if the MLB put a cap on the # of non americans that can play for each team? It wouldn't make any damn sense so I don't see why these other (lesser) leagues want to inhibit themselves from getting the best talents available to round out their teams.

    this probably means nothing to any of you but it has always confused me and I wanted to gather my thoughts on the subject. feel free to take this thread in any direction you see fit
  2. The CFL gives our University players a place to play professionally. Everyone, including the league itself, knows that it's a much lesser league than the NFL. Our university football programs can't hold a candle to the American ones so it allows our kids to be pros. Those are my thoughts on it anyway.
  3. As a CFL fan (if you are or were one) would you rather have a nice feel good story for Canadian kids who aren't really very good at football anyway or a highly competitive league with the best players you can get? Legitimate question that I could see you answering either way.

    To me forcing teams to keep Canadians on the roster is lame. If you are Canadian and make a CFL roster you should feel you earned it, not that it was given to you. If you aren't good enough to compete against American born players who want to play in the CFL you should choose a different career path. I just know that if I watched the CFL I would want to see the best athletes they could find and not limit ourselves to Canada's finest athletes
  4. Canada's finest make it to the NFL and play in the NCAA anyway. It's a niche league that has a generally older fan base. It's probably mostly watches by the families of the players that play in it. I watched when I was a kid but don't care for it anymore. 3 downs is whack.
  5. smh. I should become commissioner of the CFL and take it to new heights.
  6. Good luck. You'll have a bunch of eighty year olds coming after you with their canes.
  7. They can bring it. I'll have the Gray Cup on par with the Super Bowl by 2030
  8. Happens in some Soccer leagues....But their less strict on the amount of Imported players you can play/sign....and it's usually you can only have a certain number of players from non-EU countries (Like USA, Brazil, Argentina....).
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  9. Luckily no team would ever be trying to load up on American soccer players anyhow
  10. I Can think of a few guys from the US who are good talents (Donovan and Shea come to mind) but I think some more good talents should come in the future (Especially with Jurgen Klinsman as the USA's Manager)
  11. Hope you are right but we don't have many young talents to replace the last generations stars of Donovan, Dempsey, Howard.
  12. Well....Depends on how the teams in the MLS use their Youngsters.....I Mean, the Team you have now has to be the best you've had in years so.....They can only try and improve on that.
  13. I believe in Jurgen but he can't just shit out good young talent. We have a few young guys over in Germany in league 2, so maybe they will pan out.

    Jozy is probably the key to our future. He can be a beast if he puts it all together
  14. Lol, impossible.
  15. Nah but I really do feel like the CFL should be a lot bigger than it is and I have the ideas to help it grow. Have any connects within the league? I'll start off as a coffee gopher and work my way to the top
  16. None at all, sorry.
  17. That's my middle name.
  18. Senhor Useless Perfect

    I can dig it
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