Sports that you follow the most

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. If you made a list of the sports you follow most closely, how would it look? For me it goes:

    1.) NFL (far and away my most followed sport)
    2.) NBA
    3.) MMA (right on the NBA's heels.. I considered putting this at 2)
    4.) NCAA football
    5.) SOCCER :terry:

    I follow baseball sparingly and college basketball for the last couple of months of the season and tournament time.. Sports I don't follow at all: Hockey, tennis, golf, NASCAR (if you consider that a sport).. shit like that.

    post your list
  2. Hockey

    Everything else kinda sucks

  3. You follow actual amateur wrestling?

    Also you are such a stereotypical Canadian lol. 'Hockey only baby! Other sports fucksuck!'
  4. Kinda. I will watch the NFL sparingly. I guess we can't count wrestling a s a real sport.

    CFL is better to watch action wise.

    MLB is boring

    Soccer puts me to sleep. And too many divers

  5. What's your knock on basketball? I won't argue that MLB is boring.. I can't really sit through a regular season game. I'll keep an eye on standings, watch highlights, and wait until the playoffs start before I really care. Won't touch on soccer; you either like it or you don't.

    CFL better to watch. Lol. Just because they don't know what defense is and score 70 points a game. Who cares.
  6. Football
    Cricket (Very rarely, come at me bitches)

    Main one is Football though. Started watching old UFC videos online and a bit of the 100 greatest fighting moments and beginning to get into it.
  7. Less running the ball (boring)
    More passing the ball.

    More room to pass the ball!

    The NFL should take notes

    If only the CFL knew how to competently run a league

  8. 1) FOOTBALL :terry:
    2) Tennis
    3) F1 racing.
    4) League & National Rugby
    5) National cricket
    6) Olympic swimming.
    7) Snooker
  9. lol, running the ball is boring? Some of the most exciting players in the league are RBs. Silly Canadians. The NFL is becoming more and more of a pass first league though. Mostly I can't get into the CFL because it is too talent deprived.

    I've always wondered what English sports fan followed besides football. Tennis #2 huh. Dreadful

    wtf is Snooker? And MMA needs to start creeping up your list, all of those are easily surpassed :laugh:
  10. WWE
    Figure skating
    MMA sometimes
    NBA sometimes
  11. Pro wrestling is not a sport bros.
  12. - NBA
    - Tennis
    - Swimming
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  13. Thanks for starting this thread! Thought about starting a Favorite Teams/Players thread, but don't have the time atm. If one of you guys can do so, it would be great!

    1. Football (American) (Any)
    2. Hockey (preferably playoffs)
    3. Golf (mostly final rounds)
    4. Tennis (majors only)
    5. Nascar (usually plate tracks, short tracks, road courses)
    6. Basketball (tournaments only)
    7. Football (World)
    8. Baseball (i know a few names of players lol)
  14. - Football
    - NBA
    - NHL
    - Waterpolo
    - Tennis

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  15. Meh, can't be bothered. I wish the CFL wasn't treated like the NfLs retarded cousin. But there is nothing I can do about it

  16. 1.Football (Refuses to call it soccer)
  17. Used to play Tennis for my county (state) and had national trials until I dropped it for swimming, so naturally I'm a fan lol.

    Snooker is a different version of "pool" basically, if you don't know what that is go research it, it's in most bars lol.

    MMA would be further up most of those, I just need to learn more about it. The more I watch, the higher it will go. To be honest, apart from Football, Tennis and F1, I wouldn't care about missing any of the others if I were out for example. If I had it my way I'd have NFL, NBA and NHL on the list but I can't find the time or place to watch them, I don't want to rely on following a sport on a stream. One day I'll hopefully be out of this shit country, maybe then I can follow :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    I play Basketball quite a lot (point guard, I'm not the tallest [5'11) and follow local basketball teams, but I really wish I could get into watching NBA.
  18. I can definitely relate to that. I would love to follow more soccer but with the time difference and the lack of games shown on American television it makes it difficult.
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