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  1. As we're in the "Road to Wrestlemania" season now, it makes complete sense to try and take advantage of it. This doesn't mean just post like a house on fire on WWE Forums, this means spread the word to ever other forum you're on! We do our best to advertise where we can, but if 10 others were doing the same that's such a dramatic increase of potential future members reading our advertisement.

    How can I do this?

    Well, are you a member on any other forums? Give us a link in your signature. Doesn't need to be an image, this would work:

    [center][url=http://wweforums.net]WWE Forums - Wrestling Fan Forum[/url]
    Join this wrestling forum today if you're a fan of WWE, TNA, RoH or any other wrestling![/center]
    Also, another method that is quite handy for big-boards is searching for example "WWE", and reading through as many wwe-related threads you can and PM'ing those you think are big fans. SImply PM them and say something like "Hey, saw you were a big fan of WWE so thought I'd share a wrestling forum I'm apart of, http://wweforums.net. Hope you sign up :emoji_slight_smile:".

    Twitter, Facebook and real-life friends is another way to get us out there! Do everything you can!

    Why should I do this?

    You don't have to do anything, but everyone seems to really enjoy the site a lot more when there's more discussions due to more fans. That's happened recently and we're very excited about our future, but a massive growth won't happen overnight. Sometimes it can take months for Google to properly notice us and help us with search-engine traffic. In the mean-time, simple methods like I've posted is a big big help to us. For example, you find 5 members who post let's say 10 posts a day, that's 350 posts extra a week for this site.

    If you don't want to do it just for the growth and site-progress, then we'll add a prize. I'm willing to pay our referrers a sum of money for doing something like this to the site, but not referrals like we've had recently; where they've just come from competitions and posted 10 really LQ posts. That doesn't help us at all. But if you find referrals who stick around and contribute to the website then I'm definitely willing to reward you. IF you don't want money, we'll give Superstar membership (or even "Legend" membership when it comes out). Lastly, we have PM after PM here of our lovely users wanting to become Moderators, well referring a lot of active users is probably up there with being the fastest way to get noticed.

    Don't want to bore you with a mega-long post, but yeah, I thoroughly appreciate the help we've already received, but let's kick-on further and become a real force in the industry of wrestling-fan forums :welcome:!
  2. I've been advertising man, I've only got 8 referrals though so far. I would definately like to be a legend when the group is released. Is there going to be another referral contest for Legend?
  3. Not like the one before, was too easy to just get users to sign up and spam here. I'd prefer wrestling fans who will stick around. If they referred users like that then sure. Tempted to release "Legend" soon and make it so you can only be picked for the group with a set number of wrestling-fan referrals.
  4. I have 8 referrals. 4 or them are inactive though, so I really only have 4 currently. Have you tried spreading the word on bigger WWE sites?
  5. Tis' what I'm planning to do next. I'd love others to do the same though.
  6. I just went to WWE Club... It says you can only advertise in their "Link Directory", yet, I can't find it lol.
  7. Will try my best :emoji_wink:.
  8. l2 spam everywherel0l
  9. I have helped advertise before (not using my referral though which I guess I should of) I will be trying my hardest now. Also, very interested in buying 'legend' when it comes out :emoji_grin:
  10. How much will Legend cost?

    Also, I'm going to try and start reffering very soon.
  11. Thanks GAF :emoji_slight_smile:

    No idea yet.
  12. You should make it $10 or 10 active referrals in total.
  13. That is a bit steep of a payout.