Spud Grants Life-Changing Wish to UK Boy With Heart of Gold

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    Friday, July 10, is a day six-year-old TNA mega-fan Reegon will always remember, and a day that changed Rockstar Spud forever.

    Through TNA's partnership with the UK's Starlight Children's Foundation, arrangements were made for Spud to spend the day with Reegon. Below is an entry from Spud's journal masterfully capturing the emotion and life-changing events of the day:

    Today was the best day of my life...

    Im 32 years old, I have been in the wrestling business for 14 years and in life I thought I had seen most things, felt most emotions and created some amazing memories. If you would have asked me up until today what my greatest moment was, you'd most likely expect me to say something that relates to the pro wrestling ring or being on TV.

    I can honestly say that not one thing I've accomplished in wrestling or in any other aspect of my life will stand out above this day.

    Today I met a 6-year-old boy named Reegon. He has a life-threatening heart condition that requires an operation, one that most do
    not live through.

    Reegon's family contacted a great organization called STARLIGHT that grants wishes to sick children. Through Starlight, Reegon was given the opportunity to make a wish come true – any wish. He could do anything his incredible imagination would allow, including taking a trip to anywhere in the world or meeting anyone he desired to meet.

    Reegon wanted to meet me.

    As I write that line I just filled up with tears again. That little boy today made me feel alive in a way he doesn't even realize, and I can honestly say I've never felt more special. He wanted to meet ME.

    I got to make this little boy smile, see him embarrassed, watch his face light up when I'd gift him special treasures, have him whisper funny jokes his mom wont allow him to tell. He held me SO tight that I just didn't want to let him go.

    For all the things that this world and pro wrestling has given me the opportunity of being able to do - forget money, forget moments, forget EVERYTHING! Things like this are what is the most important gift this world and this amazing profession offers.

    Thank you Reegon for giving me the honor of meeting you. Today was the best day of my life.



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