Squirrel vs Snake (post other animal fights yo)

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  1. Also, is snake fighting a thing? Holy shit, I would be in on some snake fighting.

    snake vs snake fights rule
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  2. Snake vs Mongoose is like two flyweights lol

  3. In some countries they do Cobras vs Mongooses, I think it's India.

    Comodo Dragon's don't tend to offer any kind of fucks, if your video is a flyweight this is the Mark Hunt of the reptile world.
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  4. that's a monitor lizard you noob

    Just now starting this one. My money is on the warthog.
  5. Learn 2 Youtube title.
  6. Leopard/Warthog was a boring fight, just uninspired grappling. Leopard exhibited dominating top control and rode out a decision victory.
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  7. baw gawd king its a triple threat match

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  8. You'll have seen it but it always makes me smile.
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  9. lmao. Perfect.
  10. This is a very good watch on the subject of animals fighting in the wild.

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  11. I love watching nature videos of animals killing each other and tearing one another apart.

    No one dies here, but that growling is pretty intense.

    Crocodiles are one of my favorite animals in the wild. Watching innocent, helpless prey get snapped up within the jaws of a crocodile never fails to entertain me.
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  12. I'm more of a gator guy myself, even if they tend to get their asses kicked by pythons

  13. Lol you guys are funny, btw that was a Kimodo Dragon and a Monitor Lizard because Kimodo Dragons are just fancy Monitor Lizards, hence why they're given the alternate name "Kimodo monitor".

    And yes, Snake v Snake fights are badass, I'd get into a ring operation involving them.
  14. Anyone know where I can find a full-fledged video of a Lion and a Tiger duking it out? It's the ultimate dream match as far as nature fights go, but I'd had no luck locating a real and proper video of them fighting to the death. All I can find available is that CGI-animated bullshit.
  15. I don't think the video exists. Just one more reason living in Ancient Rome would have been tits. They had beast vs beast fights all the time. Imagine if they did that in today's PC world. "OMg those poor cats!!!"

    spoiler alert though: Tiger wins.
  16. So I actually looked into tiger vs lion, and yea, tigers own that shit. Tigers always won when they pitted them against one another back int he gladiatorial days, they always win when they fight in captivity and generally can accomplish badass feats of strength that lions cannot (eating a full sized leopard tortis with ease for instance)

    Tigers win. Lions = jobbers who fight and hunt in packs. Tigers are solitary badasses

    I read a circus tiger killed a lion with a single paw swipe. Severed that bitches jugular.
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  17. I remember reading somewhere awhile ago that out of about 92 or 93 documented cases of Lions and Tigers squaring off the wild, about seventy-something of them ended with the tiger prevailing. It should be made clear to everyone once and for all who the real "Kings Of The Jungle" really are:

  18. I had never really thought about it, but in theory, tigers are smarter, faster and strength is essentially a wash. Not sure what anyone would think a lion has for a tiger, really.
  19. You're all sick bastards. I hate watching living things fighting each other. I see on my fb newsfeed videos of people fighting and it's disgusting. Hate it, makes me feel ill
  20. That's what I thought as I watched that
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