Spoiler SS Main Event Ending Prediction

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Jul 21, 2015.

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  1. (I put spoiler in the title as it has still not been 24 hours since Raw)

    Undertaker vs Brock How is it gonna end? Are we going to get a clean finish or a dirty distraction?

    I actually can't guess what might happen. It's at Summerslam so the Undertaker can be defeated without the streak being completly destroyed. But The Undertaker lose twice against the same man, must get frustrating like when HBK couldn't get the job done funny enough against the Deadman.
  2. I don' t think wrestling is that real, hon. Whoever wins will best serve their own purpose.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Taker probably wins.

    I guess it's better having Brock/Taker as the ME than Kane vs Rollins (please don't do this one).
  5. I think Kane and Seth would be fun to watch, especially Seth spends nearly every waking moment swinging and running away. Every bump he takes would be him flopping around like a fish. Brock and Undertaker still doesn't sit with me well.
  6. Meh, I have no interest in Kane vs Rollins at all. Kane should just retire. He's done it all and should hang it up.

    Brock vs Taker is fine with me for now, at least the build-up for the match.
  7. Kane v Rollins is ok for a Raw Main Event but PPV material no, especially not Summerslam material. Still hoping for Triple H vs Seth Rollins.
  8. I feel Taker was brought back for the purpose of working one final Summerslam, to give the product a much needed boost, to give Summerslam a huge main event, and to give Brock Lesnar another big win. The thing is, Lesnar hasn't actually been victorious via pinfall or submission since the Royal Rumble back in January, and if they had booked something like Rollins vs Brock vs Reigns or Rollins vs Brock vs Undertaker as the main event of Summerslam, he wouldn't have been victorious then either despite the fact that they would have had him once again avoid a pinfall defeat in order to maintain as much credibility as possible. So I feel the point of the Undertaker feud is to actually give Lesnar another decisive, absolute victory by pinfall in the middle of the ring again. The fact that people are skeptical that Undertaker returned just so he could lose to Brock again will make the win all the more significant.
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  9. This isn't gonna happen, but I'd like to see it. Have Taker & Lesnar battle it out and get a mutual respect for one another and the awesome talents they are and they both turn to Seth Rollins and both beat the shit out of him.

    Probably what will happen is Taker wins with some sort of distraction that will leave Paul Heyman a huge opening to say it was all a fluke that Lesnar was beat. Taker will go out in all his glory and Lesnar will once again start focusing on the WWE Title and Seth Rollins.
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  10. It's just clicked, Kane is gonna have something to do with Summerslam.
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  12. Might return as "The Big Red Monster" (complete with the mask and all) during the Brock/Undertaker match. Maybe he'll help Taker win, even if it's just in the way of providing a simple distraction... Imagine Lesnar preparing to hit the Undertaker with another F-5 but then the pyro goes off, the arena darkens, and Kane's music hits. It gets Brock's attention long enough for Undertaker to recover and sit up, and when Lesnar turns around, he walks right into one final tombstone and eats the pinfall. Maybe Kane even goes to the ring and inflicts some damage of his own onto Brock after Undertaker leaves the ring.

    It'd be a way of protecting Brock as much as possible, even though winning thanks in part to someone else's assistance sort of negates the point that Taker wants to prove to Lesnar.
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  13. Omg anything with Kane being in the main event for the world title... Please no.
  14. I wouldn't mind this scenario for Kane but it makes taker look really weak. He hasn't needed Kane for ages to win anything, seems silly for him to need Kane in order to beat Brock.

    This would put to much emphasis on Kane and I'm against that. Plus it would make taker look awful.
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