SS numbers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. WWE has released a preliminary Survivor Series PPV figure of 280,000 total buys. The buy total for The Rock's big return match teaming with John Cena will likely grow by the time WWE reports fourth quarter earnings result, as the preliminary total is only through the end of November. From PWTorch.

    Really disappointing for me I can't see it breaking through the 300,000 buys personally. It's not a bad number but the Rocks return should have drawn more imo.
  2. 280,000 is good for SS, believe me.
    Rock or no Rock, he only had about 5 minutes in-ring time.
  3. It pulled 240 000 last year main evented by Barrett and Orton with the whole Cena thing going on though. I expected a bigger jump with it being his first match in 7 years. Admittedly the build was shocking but I still expected low 300s tbh. Especially with the buzz Rock created around Mania this year.
  4. Expected 300's too. Though last years SS main event was good, people thinking John could be turning heel proved to be a draw, and Vince still chickened out.