News SS Result Spoilt by WWE Merch!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Aug 12, 2015.

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  2. There's also a chance of Cena not competing at SS. But if he does, I imagine the match will end in DQ. Thanks to #LOLMaskedKaneInterference

    I can see Cena crowned the new WWE-WHC at NOC. Champion vs Champion/Title vs Title makes sense for the concept of NOC PPV.
  3. oh wow, that's a good point out, I didn't really expect him to win anyway though, if they are giving him his 16th world title WWE is going to make in their minds what they think is the best way possible
  4. Never for a second did I think Cena would get the clean win anyway.
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  5. That's why this build has felt so weird though. You'd think they'd be pushing this "16x! Cena's tying Flair's title reign!!!" for all it's worth lol
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  6. This. What a reasonable spoiler. He was 15x when i'm sure the shirts were made, and he MAY still be one after SS. People need to find better stories to write ffs.
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  7. I would be fine with this.
  8. In all honesty, WWE spams the hell out of those DQ finishes and more often than not, they use 'em in a manner where it doesn't help.
    But, this way, in a Rollins vs Cena 'Winner Take All' match, a DQ would be of help. It's just a matter of who interferes. I can see either KO or Kane.
  9. I almost don't care in what manner Rollins retains the championship just as long as he does. The finish that I desire the least though is a DQ that allows BOTH men to retain their titles. Don't be cheap and book something as rare as having two belts on the line in the same match if you're not planning on delivering a finish where one of them do in fact leave carrying both titles.
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  10. I bet you would be pissed if Sheamus cashed it in then. Can you just imagine how absurd it would be for seth to get out of there as U.S champion only?
  11. Hold on... this would lead to the demise of the US Title (more than likely), wouldn't it?


    :yay: :yay: :yay:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME!!! At long LAST! Hahahahaha the belt is gonna be gonnnnne.. GONNNNNNE, I TELL YOU!

    Please oh please don't do some lame DQ. PLEASE. Don't take this from me, Vince! :please:
  12. What do you think they would put in place of it? WWE has such a hard-on for belts that I can't imagine just two singles champions.
  13. Sheamus cashing in successfully in any scenario would piss me off. His heel character is fine to me, but I don't care to ever see him carrying the WWE Championship again. If they want a heel other than Rollins to carry the title for a good 3-4 months, then give it to someone fresh like Bray Wyatt.

    Also, it'd likely be Cena that Sheamus cashed in on, not Rollins. Especially since Cena winning it back would be a convenient way of quickly bumping Cena up to the historical 17-time champion mark (officially surpassing Flair.)

    ...But I don't want to see its demise. I just wanna see it mean something again. I know it's a hopeful attitude that has failed a lot of us time and time again, but in all fairness, I think they've been doing a swell job this past year of making the title seem important again. Sheamus had a pretty decent run as champion, Rusev was booked as an undefeated monster throughout his entire reign (although I could have done with seeing him defeat a larger variety of opponents than just Jack Swagger twenty-eight times in a row), and Cena's weekly Open Challenges have helped in raising the value of the title again, too. All in my humble opinion, of course.
  14. The U.S title is most def meaning more this year. It's the intercontinental championship that's been needing some attention, you might as well call it a prop.
  15. Could be a good plan to sell 15x shirts and then put more a shit load of 16x shirts but I hope not. Cena shouldn't be champion at this point and all WWE need to do is give Rollins more credibility and give him more feuds where he wins cleanly to fix his reign instead of turning to Cena. IMO, Cena is fine as US Champion and can hopefully put someone over (Cesaro or KO pls? It's not too late!) while Rollins can be a good heel champion before Brock inevitably comes for the title again. I'd be okay with The Authority getting new members (Barrett, possibly Sheamus, The Usos) to attack Cena and go into the final phase of The Authority's storyline.

    Oh, and I really want for them to do an IC open challenge. I think that was the plan after WM31, to do Cena vs Bryan after they both did open challenges, but now I'd rather see them try to do an IC open challenge, especially if they decide to make Smackdown relevant again as well and have the IC Championship main event that show.
  16. The IC has been a bit of a curse this year. Everybody that has held it got injured, it's not that the belt is shitty or anything.
  17. Yeah, I can't even blame wwe for it, that thing needs a exorcist
  18. It's more likely that, should the titled be held by the same guy, the U.S. title would be vacated (a la Goldberg winning both the WCW World and US Titles; Warrior winning the WWE and IC Titles; etc.) and they'd have a tournament (ending at NOC?) to crown a new U.S. Champion.

    If they decide to re-retire the U.S. Title, they'll unify it with the IC Title (again) or flat-out replace it with something else (a European as U.S. Champion saying that, since he's European, he's reactivating the European Championship in its place or something like that). WWE has three "big" singles titles and I don't see them dropping it down to two in the current product.

  19. Kane interfering in Cena/Rollins wouldn't make any sense. Go after the one who broke your leg in the first place, Lesnar
  20. Which is why WWE might go with that option.
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