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    So with the seemingly powerful McMahon-Orton power structure coming into the WWE, would you have any other stables/factions to really blow the power struggles and chaos in the WWE sky high?

    For me, this would be the list of current stables (not including current ones)

    Corporate faction:
    Champion: Randy Orton
    Chairman: Vince McMahon
    Board: Triple H, Stephanie McMahon
    General Manager stooge: Brad Maddox
    Henchmen: The Shield

    The Revolution: (faction to fight the corporate faction and get rid of the all-heel title regime)
    WWE Championship #1 Contender: Daniel Bryan
    Advisor: Shawn Michaels
    WHC #1 Contender: RVD
    Intercontinental #1 Contender: CM Punk
    US Championship #1 Contender: Christian
    Tag Team #1 Contenders: Mark Henry and Big Show

    European Expedition:
    Leader: Wade Barrett
    Co-leader: Antonio Cesaro
    Midcard: Drew McIntyre
    Henchman: Mason Ryan
  2. No, when everyone belongs to a group, then they aren't that special anymore.
  3. This thread is bad and you should feel bad.
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  4. Lockard for TNA Creative
  5. But I thought Cesaro was an American now...........

    And Mason Ryan? I thought that guy was dead!

  6. He's down in NXT, being booked over everyone and getting no reaction. Business as usual.
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  7. They should pair him up with Big "E" Langston.


    Because...fuck you! That's why!

    Ryan/Langston for WWE Tag Team Champions!


  8. Sounds like something that could come out of the company that figured XFL was a good idea.
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  9. How dare you speak ill of the XFL! The XFL was a brilliant idea!


  10. I could see it going this way, if it did, but I couldn't say specific members:

    Corporation (of course), whatever the team going against the corporation decides to name itself, the Wyatt family as they "brainwash" more people (if they do go that way with the storyline), I would say The Shield but they may be with the corporation, the Real Americans could get an extra member easily enough, and, hell, if Heyman keeps it up and he could have his own little group.
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    No, I don't think it's a good idea. Sure, you have some alliances formed, guys can team up.

    Big Show & Mark Henry teaming up to feud with The Shield is an idea I like..... Show & Henry could rescue Bryan from a group beat down, you get a nice 6 man tag match there.....Kane is a natural ally for Bryan, whenever he's back on tv......I could see Punk as an ally of the good guys once he gets his revenge on Heyman........I would really like to see a big traditional elimination match at Survivor Series with some kind of high stakes, "Team Bryan vs Team Orton"....

    But Daniel Bryan leading any named, official "stable" of guys to fight against this new McMahon-HHH-Orton-Shield regime.....I don't like it.

    They should leave Daniel Bryan as the underdog, 1 man against the world.
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