Stacey Keibler in meetings with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 4, 2014.

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    "According to a new report, WWE is in talks to bring Stacy Keibler back to the company.

    Stephanie McMahon reportedly met with the former WWE Diva while she was in New York hosting the VH-1 Blitz event.

    Keibler has reportedly been hesitant to return to WWE in the past, with the feeling that going back to WWE would be a career step backwards, however the offer McMahon made to Keibler was lucrative enough that she is apparently giving it serious consideration."

    Pure from the source.

    I couldn't care less if she came back, she was just another pair of legs that got 12 year olds their first memorable boner, She wasn't a big name but the talks of making more heels has brought her up as a valet or maybe a competitor where she might win the Diva's title.


    Stone Cold: "What's your favorite match?"
    Cameron: "Mellina vs Alica Fox"
    Stone Cold: "What?!"
  2. Love the idea, but where would she fit in?

    She has no purpose to come back, the women's title is retired. and it seem's like it'd be an empty place for her to be. The only place she could fit in is backstage and I really hope she isn't going to be in that alliance with Triple H, Kane And Stephanie. Because it is getting too boring for words.

    Bring in those new talented diva's that do those mic skills for NXT. I've reviewed some of their clips on youtube and some of those girl's are born with talent. Let the past be in the past and let's bring in the new generation of Diva's.
  3. She should join up with Curtis Axel, or another heel and she should be a evil seductress not like Debra but just getting guys to look at her while a heel cheats.
  4. I'll find a spot to fit it in.
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  5. "looks like they already found a replacement for me" -:pity:
  6. It'd be nice to see Stacey come back. Her vs. Summer Rae - the battle of the stems!
  7. -_______-
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  8. lol Vince offering her tons of cash. great idea
  9. I heard they want to put her in the Hall of Fame. There's one reason to bring her back
  10. My ex girlfriend used to send me those when we texted. :hmm:

    Lol, Stacey Keibler though? I wouldn't care at all if she returned.
  11. Just induct her in the damn HOF already!! They got Trish in. Why not get Stacy?
  12. Why bring a person back to the company only to do promotional work? She's only 34, she could probably do some matches.
  13. Waist IMO besides guys thinking shes hot I dont feel as if she contributes anything to thecompany.
  14. she contributes a body and at was in the business for a while before. that can go a long way with divas.
  15. I hope she returns I loved her first run in WWE and you just know Vince will get her back at any cost he was so high on her when she was in the company
  16. Why would we want her back? She didn't wrestle and when she did she was pretty bad, the last thing we need in the Divas division is bad wrestlers, I wouldn't mind her doing a backstage interviewer at Mania but as a long term it would be a bit unfair to Renee Young when she is actually good at that, if they moved Young to commentary and had Stacy as an interviewer that would be a good solution, if you have seen NXT Young is good on commentary, would gladly have her over Lawler.
  17. Renee Young isnt that good shes overrated. Vince will get Stacy back and have her on tv considering shes been in the spotlight since leaving WWE Vince wants that exposure back by hiring her back. Ive read that she could do some presenting when WWE network is launched
  18. Renee Young being overrated is a joke.
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  19. Renee Young isn't even a wrestler nor is she supposed to be there for sexualization of the product.
  20. You have to admit though, she is mighty fine, you'd be mad to kick her out of bed.
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