Stacy Keibler to return to the WWE, set to manage this person...

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    The official website for the Charlotte Observer has posted a video reporting that ex-WWE Diva Stacy Keibler is currently in talks with WWE regarding a return to the company.

    Word is that if Keibler does in fact come back to WWE, she may be paired up with Daniel Bryan as his manager.

    ^^^ This would be amazing if Stacy returned to WWE and managed Daniel Bryan
  2. Why does DB need a manager? I feel like every wrestler has a manager these days.

  3. Really? There are like two managers in WWE...

    I would love to see more valets and managers, if anything. DB paired with Keibler? Sure, why not? Gives him more mass appeal.
  4. Why would Stacy manage DB? Is she going to be on the total divas show or something?
  5. That would be a pretty random partnership, but I wouldn't mind seeing her back.
    Dem legs. Dat ass. Dat prutty face. :yay:
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  6. Kiebler is really hot. I don't even care who she is managing.
  7. So Clooney dumps her ass and she comes to Vince looking for a job?
  8. Lesnar/D-Bry Feud? I'd like to see what she would bring to the WWE, now that it's "kid-freindly"
  9. Stacy could still brng her sexiness to WWE in the PG era
  10. I thought she dumped him?
  11. This. Although i would like a younger name to have it. Bring back the big valbowski.
  12. Why does every single wrestler need a manager? Come on. What will be the next thing, bringing back Batista to manage John Cena?
  13. why would she? she makes up to $40k just for an appearance with Clooney.
  14. She wanted to marry and have kids but Clooney didnt. Woman logic
  15. Managing DB? Sounds a bit weird, really don't see the need. Could've been given to someone else, but OK.
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  17. When are dirtsheets ever right?
  18. Bringing back a chick...a manage someone shorter than she is??? Is this supposed to be cute?

    I can see the female demographic marking out over this.... but even X-Pac and Chyna think this would be a bad pairing

    If you really want to pique my interest bring back Kharma get her bunking with Henry and let the magic unfold from there
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