Stand up comedy (wrestling related)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. My roommate and I myself fancy ourselves as a couple of funny gents, and we have always loved stand up comedy. He has done a little bit of comedy writing (he is an English major with a focus on theatre- he writes screenplays & shit) and we've always talked about writing stand up, and have been doing so for about a week now. We plan to eventually hit up some local clubs for local mic nights and seeing how things go.

    Anyhow, I think I could craft a really great bit about professional wrestling. It would be fairly unique, as I can't think of any stand up who has ever presented a bit from the viewpoint of a smark.

    So to start with, I need some general stereotypes of non wrestling fans that they have of wrestling fans and wrestling in general, and then from there I will poke holes in their fallacies and comically shed light on the truths of how awesome wrestling is.

    I'm thinking I would develop a like nerdy, overly-intellectual character who presents 'my character' with the ideas such as "You know that wrestling is fake, right?" and "You enjoy watching two oversized muscled up oily blokes roll about an elevated platform in nothing but underwear?"

    anyway, give me some ideas. go go go

    and since I like you guys so much i'm thinking i'll have someone record my first ever open mic night set and post it on here. think how much shit you guys could give me if I bomb
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  2. Are you and your friend doing a duo?

    I found this kinda funny between seabs and Stopspot.
    Could shed some light.

    Stopspot - Why must you make it gay seabs?
    seabs - You watch men rolling around in speedos.
    Stopspot - You watch men in baby oil and underwear.
    seabs - Anyway back onto wrestling.
  3. Nah, we just write together, we wouldn't perform together. We come up with ideas and bits together and then decide who's act/stage persona the bit would fit better into.

    and yea, I'm thinking I'll have a really long bit about the gayness of wrestling done in my 'intellectual character' voice and then just use facial expressions and say something short like "yup"
  4. Play on the drama aspect. Paint up a thrilling and emotional scenario, then cut a promo the style of Randy orton, him being the punchline.
  5. You'd really need to scope the type of audience you'd be playing to first, especially if you plan on using some wrestling material at your first gig. Comedy and Wrestling aren't exactly hand-in-hand, and telling some wrestling jokes that could be considered "in-jokes" to an audience that doesn't get it, would be catastrophic for a first-timer.

    I can see smaller venues being substantially worse than an official gig, too. One because you'd be under immense pressure on your first time. Two because the audience will be overly judgmental, because they're essentially paying money to audit your skills at saying funny things. And C, because there's a very very tiny gap between having just told the joke and laughter, if a majority of the crowd don't get the joke and stay fairly silent, the people who may have understood the joke may feel compelled to also stay quite, since booming out in a quite room with laughter by yourself is something people don't tend to do when under the crowd effect. But then again, the same could be said for the exact opposite; the rest of the crowd following suit of the people who got the joke and laughing anyway so they don't feel left out. Comedy is a bitch of psychological situations.

    I haven't watched wrestling in way too long to even give you any examples from a non-wrestling fan perspective, but good luck with everything.
  6. ^
    I don't think he's trying to tell wrestling jokes, rather that the sport is fake and gay.
    Just a general perspective on it.

  7. I think you are looking too far into open mic nights at comedy clubs. For starters, the audience isn't paying anything to see you. It's free to get in. Also, they are going to be basic jokes about wrestling in general. You won't have to know about wrestling to get the jokes. I won't be talking with insider terms or talking about specific wrestlers *Unless it's Rock/Hogan/Savage ect that most will know*.

    Also I'm not concerned with bombing at all. I expect most of my jokes will go over most local yokels head and I'm fine with that. I just want the experience, and local clubs is the only first step. You can't get booked anywhere before you've done this type of shit.

    Also I am going to play heavily off the crowd in my act. It will be a me vs them type of feel and if they don't like my jokes I will play on that. trust me, I didn't just start thinking about this last week. I've been working all of this out in my head for a long time.
  8. Fair enough. You should really record the gig if you ever get around to performing it. Not just to post on here, I'm sure there would be far more people on the internet that would appreciate the jokes if the locals don't get them.
  9. We plan to soon begin practicing bits while recording them so we can get the feel for how to develop them better. And yea, I will record every time I go on stage once we get to that point, if for no other reason than my own benefit. I view it like an athlete watching game film.
  10. Post them here.
    IMO, the topic can't expand that much.

    All I can think of is, "So one day with my bud, I was watching wrestling, no not the gay one where they touch each others balls and roll around, I'm talking about WWE."

    Something like that.
  11. You, stand up? :hogan: Just stick to hating on people who deserve it, and save it for future lines.
  12. So Droz walks into a bar.....right he can't. :jeritroll:
  13. Sounds like the kind of ideas I used to have 4 blunts deep.
  14. Doing stand up or doing jokes about wrestling/wrestling fan stereotypes?
  15. No just the general topic of doing stand up. I thought I was hilarious when I was high. That's all

    Good luck man.
  16. We come up with a lot of bit ideas when we are high, but have to scrap a lot of them the next day like yeaaaaaaaaaaa maybe that wasn't so funny afterall
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  17. Haha, oh I bet man. I miss those times. Post your stuff when you're done. I don't mind a good laugh.
  18. Yea we are probably still a ways off before we perform because we are sort of perfectionists. We will fine tune our set even if it's only 3-4 minutes. I want to have a tight set of jokes I am comfortable with before even attempting to go on stage.
  19. Imma heckle the shit out of you if you come around muh town :jeritroll:
  20. I pray for hecklers. I'd love to rip them a new asshole and be in the right for doing so.
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