Standards have dropped again.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. A few months ago we were all praising WWE by their apparent resurgent tag-team division, but it has dropped back to mediocrity again in my opinion. The lack of continued segments with DB & Kane resulted in them becoming rather stale. The frequency of tag-team wrestling on RAW has dropped, and the continued ignorance to leave The Uso's and such in development instead of a regular team on RAW has been fatal.

    Why can't WWE keep something decent going for a long period of time?
  2. From what I understand (according to Big Dick Johnson), Vince is like that. One day he'll wake up and say "damn it, we have a tag division, why aren't we using it? do something!" and then the division gets revamped. Some time later he'll say "who are these prime time players you tell me about it? Fill the show with recaps and John Cena segments damn it" and then the division goes down.
  3. I just have a hard time blaming it all on one man who has lost his touch. I think it's a mixture of Vince being Vince and creative being lazy. Even if Vince has an issue with the tag-team division, that doesn't explain the mediocre lazy booking of the tag-team champions; going out on stage weekly shouting yes/no and then nothing progresses.
  4. Yeah, I'm just saying stuff from what I hear, there's not way to prove it, but it sounds reasonable to me. According to the same interview, Vince doesn't even care about what the writers give him, so they do end up being complacent from what I remember, yes. But I agree with you.
  5. Yeah I can definitely picture writers coming up with actual decent stories and Vince shooting them down, but they're far from perfect imo. The one thing I suppose we can be optimistic about is that HHH apparently still has an interest in tag-team wrestling, so he could fix it when he takes over I guess.
  6. Yeah, even if HHH is similar to Vince in some aspects we know (or at least there's a high chance) that he likes tag team wrestling and is not senile, so I'm looking forward for him taking over.
  7. A lot of it has to do with them creating several tag teams, then re-doing so many matches with them (outside of Rey and Cara vs Hell No, which seemed like they were saving pre-injury)... Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars, Hell No vs Prime Time Players, Hell No vs Epico and Primo before they were completely buried... if they were still giving us these same few matches, we'd be bitching about repetitive matches. Same with Rey and Cara vs the teams listed above... and the Usos and International Airstrike are too entertaining for TV obviously.

    By the way, are you looking forward to the NXT Tag Tournament, Crayo? Things don't look that bleak, do they?
  8. They need at least four top tag teams (Two for each brand) to make the division feel legitimate.
    Who is there really? Team Hell NO! and Rhodes Scholar?
  9. The Usos have been appearing on TV more often and they've actually been winning more matches than usual. They're prepping them up for a title push soon, but they need a heel tag team to take them on, hence Rhodes Scholars. Note that the Usos have gotten their pyro back, just a small sign that they are on the verge of a big push.
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