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  1. *Precision opens up with the familiar pyrotechnics and the booming sound of the crowd, after a few minutes or so nothing happens. Will Neilson's music hits and most of the fans in the arena cheer for Mr. Money in the Bank.*

    *Usually, you see Will walk out with his tag team partner Rhys Haze, but this week he is nowhere to be seen. Will walks out alone, the Money in the Bank briefcase in his right hand. He stands on the top of the ramp for a few seconds and soaks in the crowds cheers. Will begins to walk down the ramp, holding his briefcase up high in the air as he does so. Neilson gets into the ring and requests a microphone, his request is granted and the timekeeper hands him one.*

    Will: I'm out here alone this week,... and probably for the next few weeks. As you all know, Rhys Haze is currently injured. This is because of the injuries caused by Victor Sokolov during their match at Summerslam.... or so you think. Rhys did take quite the hits to the head, I was there to see it, but last week and the days prior... apart from a few headache issues, he was completely fine. You may not see it... but I think there is more to this than meets the eye. A man who is acting completely fine, just suddenly falls ill and it's "caused" by injuries that were over a week ago.

    *The crowd don't know how to react, some cheer and some boo. Will looks around the arena again, staring at the confused faces in the crowd.*

    Will: Also on the agenda, I defeated Tony Stark. We both put on a back and forth match, and ultimately.... I got the win. We're going at it again, only this time with one more person thrown in the mix. Chris Young is a guy I respect, of course he is an international sensation, but he's had his fair share of career ups and downs. The three of us will put on an amazing match, but it's gonna be me who will stand tall. Tony has passion, Chris has determination, I have both of those and so much more to give. Tonight, I will prove that I am ready for Robert Blake at Hell in a Cell, no one will stop me! I worked my ass off to earn his briefcase and the contract inside, and I will not let this opportunity go to waste!

    *Will raises the briefcase one more time, and mainly gets cheers from the crowd. Will drops the mic and is about to exit the ring, but is cut off by the music of Tony Stark.*

    @The Anarchist

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  2. Tonys music begins to play however is cut off by an unfimiliar theme. (Cuts off Will like Balor on RAW(demon))

    Smoke begins to fill the arena. A shadow walks into the smoke and the crowd cheer. The lights go down and back on for about 20 seconds, as this is happening the figure is getting closer to the ring. Will looks confused in the ring to what is going on.
    The figure steps in the ring however still now one can see who or what it is. All the lights drop again and just a spotlight on the figure appears. The smoke is still not revealing who the figure is and it begins to speak with a demonic voice.

    Will, I think that briefcase is going to your head old friend. You have know me a while, but you are gonna see a different me on Precision in our match sime thing you should be very scared of. Very scared of. That's all I'm going to say. Ahahaha
    The lights go out once more, and Will moves foward into the smoke to see that no one is there. The figure had dissappeared. Will comes back from the smoke and has a confused look on his face about what just happened
    OOC- Short but sweet aha
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