Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 1, 2012.

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    This guy is an absolute boss. See my tweet! ::boss::laugh::cool::steiner::austin:

  2. #Mark

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  3. This guy is my hero. He's on Jericho level.
  4. Spam Jericho, getting a retweet from him would make you the ultimate boss.
  5. Trying to think what appeals to him. He's not the type to retweet asslicking tweets, he'll reply to retarded ones but I wouldn't want to be seen as a retard (shut up JeebaK).

    Could bum his band.
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  6. Not only would getting an RT from Jericho a boss, it would bring loads on traffic to the site. Change your name on Twitter from Crayo to
  7. Talk about hockey, he's Canada that's practically porn to them. Specifically the Winnipeg jets and the NY Rangers.
  8. #LikeIWatchGayTV

    Will just go with the asslicking stuff but not pushing it. 1 tweet a day!
  9. How much time (approximately) do you spend each day spamming Stanford's twitter Crayo?
  10. I've sent him two tweets in my life. Check the twitter. One got a reply, one got a retweet.
  11. If I get a mention from CM Punk will anyone buy my Twitter account for $1000?

    That's what I would do, for your information that's how much a mention from Punk costs.

    I'm out.
  12. Lmao no.
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