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  1. Any one believe in them, I do not mean horoscopes saying you will win the lottery and meet the girl of your dreams. I am talking about do you agree about certain personality traits that are linked with your specific sign.

    I am leo and some of the things have read i can agree with. What do you think ?
  2. Meh, I don't believe in 'em. I am Leo, too, though.
  3. Its always an intriguing read. I'm a gemini, and some of the personality traits are spot on, and others not so much.
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  4. The descriptions are vague enough to fit with anyone. We like to fit in which makes these easy for people to adapt to. I have read several different descriptions for all the signs and 90% of them, I can say "that's me!". lol Also I see other people who are complete jerks but their sign says they are caring and considerate.... lol
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  5. i make all my decisions by the stars.

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  8. Pretty much this.

    Astrologist - "You are the greatest person to ever live" - THATS TOTALLY ME! YO THIS STAR STUFF IS SO ACCURATE!
    Astrologist - "You are a piece of shit and should probably kill yourself" - YO THIS STAR STUFF IS COMPLETE BS. LOL WHO WOULD BELIEVE THIS STUFF?
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  9. Have no idea what they are. Don't give a fuck. No ball of gas knows me.
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