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  1. Just felt like making a Star Wars thread, also, favorite Star Wars? Mine would have to be Empire Strike Backs. Just the epicness of that last fight. Also, Billy Dee Williams.
  2. Haven't watched the original trilogy in over a decade (I saw Episode III about six years ago and that one was good, I haven't bothered with the rest due to the overwhelming amount of hate geared towards them) so my memory of them is a little hazy but the movie that stands out the most to me is Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Need to watch the original trilogy again but I refuse to watch the most recent releases due to all the changes I've heard Lucas made with them. I believe I own the entire trilogy on VHS, if I ever find them I'll give the series another go around.

    Most of my love for Star Wars comes from the video games honestly. The Super Nintendo game was such a bitch but it was also a lot of fun. Knights of the Old Republic was amazing, wish I had a working X-Box controller so I could play it again. Wasn't a fan of the sequel though. The Lego games were overly simple but were fun enough and had a charm to them that I don't think any of the other Lego games have. The Battlefront series is the only shooter series I love and pretty much the only one I like. And in this case, I find the sequel to be far superior to the original. Hoping the new one lives up to the old games but I have my doubts. Either way, there were a few more Star Wars games I liked I'm sure but the aforementioned ones are the ones that really stand out to me anyway.

    Should probably throw out the obvious that half of my username comes from Star Wars.
  3. On one of the boxsets of the original trilogy you can play the original theatrical release without all the changes.
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  4. Really? Awesome! Going to have to check this out.
  5. Yup as its the set I own as the changes frustrated me as well.
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  6. Empire
    New hope
    Attack of the clones
    Revenge of the sith
    Return of the Jedi
    Phantom menace
  7. I feel like a boss for having never seen as much as 5 minutes of any star wars movie.
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  8. Favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back as well :obama: I liked the fight on Hoth, the end fighting, the introduction to Yoda and the storyline process from New Hope and continuing the Return of the Jedi. My favorite character is Luke, not because he is the best or the main character, but just because I like the Luke Skywalker character and how he evolved so much. He isn't the best, but he still trys no matter what. Second is Chewbacca. That Wookie is GOAT, and knowing about how dedicated the Wookies are to tradition, it just makes him more interesting.

    Favorite Star Wars games are Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Battlefront 2 of course :adr:
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  9. Dune > Star Wars.
  10. Nah, that makes you a queer. :boss:
  11. what sort of shitty movie takes its biggest spoiler and puts it in the trailer
  12. It's so good that it doesn't care what it spoils!!!!
  13. I must admit as I've gotten older Star Wars does less and less for me tbh.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Not watched them in a few years might give them ago in next few days.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Lol in my defence when I was a kid a used to watch them continuously for about three years. I think doing that killed it for me as I got older.
  18. Ah..Godfather, how I love it.

    Just went on the Star Tours ride down in Orlando, ah...forgot how awesome Star Wars really was.
  19. Went last summer marked the whole time. Fucking riding through space with C3PO, oh hell yes!
  20. I think I went on it at least 8 times, NO LINES! PLUS JEDI ACADEMY SHIT WAS FUNNY! (A thing they were doing outside of the ride) Love when you go to Hoth.
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